Did Tom Brady lose to Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl?

Did Tom Brady lose to Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl?

January 19, 2014 – Tom Brady and Peyton Manning met for the 15th time in the AFC Championship. The Broncos earned a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII, defeating the Patriots 26-16.

How many times did Peyton Manning lose to Tom Brady in the playoffs?


Season Season series at New England
Regular season Brady 9–3 Brady 6–2
Postseason Manning 3–2 Brady 2–0
Regular and postseason Brady 11–6 Brady 8–2

What is Tom Brady’s record against Peyton Manning?

Despite Tom Brady’s record of 11-5 against Peyton Manning, he is 6-8 in his career vs. the Denver Broncos (including playoffs).

How many times has Eli Manning played Brady?

All he could do when Eli said “I enjoyed all our games Tom!” was shrug his shoulders, the universal sign for “f—, you got me there.” What’s funny is, Brady did get Eli twice, once during the 18-1 year and once in Foxboro in 2015.

Who is better Peyton or Brady?

Manning’s biggest edge on Brady is his seven first-team All-Pro seasons, Johnny Unitas is next at five among quarterbacks. Manning also won a record five MVP awards, Brady three. For the people following the sports the closest during their careers, Manning was better than Brady during the regular season.

Did Eli Manning lose to Tom Brady?

He won three of the five matchups, including two Super Bowls. The most shocking win came in Super Bowl XLII, when Eli’s New York Giants defeated Brady’s New England Patriots 17-14.

How many years has Tom Brady been in the NFL?

Brady has played 20 seasons in the NFL. His team has made it to the Super Bowl in nine of those seasons. That works out to having a 45 percent chance of making it to the Super Bowl when Brady is your quarterback.

When did Tom Brady make his first career start against Peyton Manning?

After Drew Bledsoe was injured in week 2 of the 2001 season, Tom Brady got his first career start against Peyton Manning’s Colts, winning the game 44–13.

How many MVPs do Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have?

Manning and Brady are considered by many as two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Manning would go on to win five MVP awards in his 18-year career, while Brady won three as of 2021. Both quarterbacks have also made the Pro Bowl 14 or more times in their careers, and both were selected to the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team in 2019.

How many times did Manning and Brady play each other?

Manning and Brady played each other 17 times, with Brady winning the head-to-head series 11–6.

Who are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning’s coaches?

Also at the event were Bruce Arians and Tom Moore, both of whom coached Manning and Brady in Indianapolis and Tampa Bay. Brady’s first career start. The only season they battled twice in the regular season.