Who wrote and sang the song I can only imagine?

Who wrote and sang the song I can only imagine?

Bart Millard
I Can Only Imagine (iTunes Originals)/Lyricists

Did Amy Grant really call Bart Millard on stage?

Bart Millard has been open to the public about his admiration for Amy Grant and her songs since he was young. She called Bart, who was sitting with the crowd during that time and called him to sing his song.

Did MercyMe break up?

MercyMe was exhausted by trying to live up to other people’s expectations. About 10 years after the Christian band charted its multi-platinum song “I Can Only Imagine,” they were on the brink of breaking up. MercyMe scaled back. They cut their tour dates in half.

Did Amy Grant help MercyMe?

Amy Grant, originally given the rights to release “I Can Only Imagine” as a single, gave the rights back to MercyMe in 2001. She later released her version of “I Can Only Imagine” in 2002, pairing it in a medley with “Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus”.

What is the meaning of I Can Only Imagine?

I can only imagine (what is going to happen): I do not know (what is going to happen) but I expect it to be bad.

Was Amy Grant really going to sing I Can Only Imagine?

But as Grant prepared to perform it for the first time in public, she had a different idea. She told Millard how “I Can Only Imagine” was a career song that was going to change his life and how she did not want to take that moment away from him. When Grant said it was a career song, she was right.

Did Amy Grant I Can Only Imagine?

Amy Grant Played An Instrumental Role in MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine” Amy Grant’s generous gesture to return “I Can Only Imagine” to Bart Millard and his Christian rock band MercyMe definitely took their career into an unexpected turn.

Is the movie I Can Only Imagine true?

Based off of his popular song of the same name, I Can Only Imagine tells the true story of Millard’s complicated relationship with his abusive father, played in the film by Dennis Quaid. The low-budget movie has made over $40 million since coming out in mid-March and continues to do strong business.

Who is Bart Millard married to?

Shannon Millardm. 1997
Bart Millard/Spouse

Millard is from Greenville, Texas. He and his wife Shannon have five children: Sam, Gracie, Charlie, Sophie and Miles.

How much money did Bart Millard’s dad leave him?

Millard became obsessed with the phrase “I can only imagine,” toyed with it for years, and finally wrote the song in 1998. He said he got his dad’s last $600 check the week the song hit No. 1 on Christian radio charts.

Did Bart Millard’s mom really leave him?

According to Bart, his mother always said, “I married a teddy bear but went home with a monster” (Billboard). It was then that his mother chose to move away with her third husband. It was decided that it would be best for Bart and his older brother Stephen to stay with their father, Arthur (People).

Is MercyMe still a band?

MercyMe is an American contemporary Christian music band founded in Edmond, Oklahoma….

Years active 1994–present
Labels Columbia Curb Epic Fair Trade INO Word
Website mercyme.org
Members Bart Millard Nathan Cochran Michael John Scheuchzer Robby Shaffer Barry Graul

Who sings I can Only Imagine?

It’s the song that touched millions of hearts for Christ more than ten years ago and it continues to inspire lives today. Enjoy the beloved classic “I Can Only Imagine” performed by none other than MercyMe. You may also like…

Why did John Millard write I can Only Imagine?

Said Millard: “When ‘I Can Only Imagine’ blew up, I ended up being isolated as far as everybody wanting to talk to me, because I wrote “Imagine” versus merging me to the band. I was in a band for a reason: to have the camaraderie, to go through this together.

What is Amy Grant’s version of Imagine?

Amy Grant was offered this song, but when MercyMe’s version was successful, she held off on releasing her version, which was slightly re-written and titled “Imagine.” Grant combined her version with “Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus” for her 2002 album Legacy…Hymns and Faith.