Who is Marcus Ruhl?

Who is Marcus Rühl?

Marcus Rühl progressed steadily through the local, regional and national ranks—finally gaining his Pro Card in 1999. For the next decade, the German Nightmare regularly placed in the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions on the planet.

How did Markus Rühl become a Swole mammoth?

Born in Darmstadt, Germany in 1973, it was never on the young Markus Rühl’s mind to become a swole mammoth. As a youngster, he was a keen soccer player. However, his dreams of making it into the professional leagues were curtailed— suffering a knee injury at the age of 18. His doctor recommended that he hit the gym to rebuild his leg strength.

How does mark Rühl grow?

Markusaurus size! So, how does Rühl grow? No one really knows — not even Rühl. All we can do is trace the evolution of his training, his mentality and his passion for bodybuilding (which is probably the secret behind it all). — Julian Schmidt My first workout program was given to me when I was 19, by a trainer at a gym that was only for huge guys.

Is Markus Ruhl’s “markusruhl story true?

It’s the pure truth because it comes straight from Markus’s mouth. His YouTube channel, entitled “MarkusRuhl”, has over 200K subscribers, and he has uploaded over 150 videos. He has uploaded tons of muscle content, including dieting, bodybuilding scandals, protein-mass shakes, workout videos with advice, and bodybuilding history.