Which player has most runs in test?

Which player has most runs in test?

Sachin Tendulkar
The leading run-scorer of all time in cricket test matches is India’s Sachin Tendulkar. Nicknamed “The Little Master”, Tendulkar scored 15,921 in his test match career spanning from 1989 to 2013.

Which cricket player has most runs?

Players with 10,000 or more Test runs

No. Player Runs
1 Sachin Tendulkar ^ 15,921
2 Ricky Ponting 13,378
3 Jacques Kallis 13,289
4 Rahul Dravid 13,288

Who scored the most first-class centuries?

Jack Hobbs
Jack Hobbs and Herbert Sutcliffe walk out to the middle at the Sydney Cricket Ground in a Test match. Both Hobbs and Sutcliffe scored over 100 first-class centuries; with Hobbs holding the record for most centuries in a first-class career.

Who scored most 50 in ODI?

SR Tendulkar

Player Span 50
SR Tendulkar (INDIA) 1989-2012 96
KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL) 2000-2015 93
RT Ponting (AUS/ICC) 1995-2012 82
V Kohli (INDIA) 2008-2022 63

Who scored fastest 100 in T20?

South Africa’s David Miller holds the joint record for the fastest international T20 century of all time – he took just 35 balls to reach the milestone in a match against the Bangladesh in Potchefstroom in 2017.

Who scored the most runs in a Test match?

Sachin Tendulkar has the record of highest runs in Test career as of now. He scored 15921 runs in 200 matches and 329 innings. Ricky Ponting and Jacques Kallis are the 2nd and 3rd highest scorers with 13378 and 13289 runs respectively. A- Sachin Tendulkar has the record of most runs in Test.

Who has the most runs in Test cricket?

Joe Root Is The Current Most Run-scorer in ICC Test cricket,with 8617 runs in 2021.

  • Steven Smith Is The 2nd Current Most Run-scorer in ICC Test cricket,with 7540 runs in 2021.
  • Virat Kohli Is The 3rd Current Most Run-scorer in ICC Test cricket,with 7490 runs in 2021.
  • Ross Taylor Is The 4th Current Most Run-scorer,with 7380 runs in 2021.
  • What is the most runs ever scored?

    The most runs ever scored in an inning is by the 1883 Chicago Cubs scoring 18 runs vs Detroit on September 6th, 1883. , Avid fan of Major League Baseball for 25+ years.

    What is the record for most runs scored in one inning?

    “The record for most runs scored by a team in a single inning is 18, set by the Chicago White Stockings (now the Cubs) against the Detroit Wolverines on September 6, 1883. The modern-day record is 17, achieved by the Boston Red Sox against the Detroit Tigers on June 18, 1953.”.