Which airlines are part of Asia Miles?

Which airlines are part of Asia Miles?

You can redeem flight awards for Cathay Pacific, Air China, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines, S7 Airlines and SriLankan Airlines here directly.

How do I earn Asia Miles NZ?

  1. Asia Miles can be earned only in eligible fare classes on:
  2. Please keep all boarding passes and tickets until the miles earned appear in your account.
  3. If the miles you should have earned are not reflected in your account 6 weeks after the travel date, please make a missing airline miles claim.

What can I do with Asia Miles?

In addition to flight awards, Asia Miles members can also redeem miles and enjoy fabulous awards such as hotel stays at 60,000 hotels, car rental services in 21 countries and thousands of lifestyle and experience awards. Asia Miles is open to anyone aged 2 or above and is free to join.

Do Asia Miles expire?

Thanks to our updated Miles expiry policy, Asia Miles earned on or after 1 January 2020 no longer expire — as long as you earn or redeem your Miles regularly. Keeping Miles active is a breeze!

How does Asia Miles make money?

Asia Miles is a loyalty and frequent-flyer program launched by Cathay Pacific. Launched in February 1999, it allows members to earn miles by making different purchases with co-branded credit cards or on partnered flights, hotels, dining, financial services, retail, and technology products and services.

What can you buy with Asia Miles?

If you have reached at least 70% of the Asia Miles required for your desired award, you can purchase top-up miles in blocks of 2,000 Asia Miles at USD60 per block. Select for any Flight or Lifestyle awards. Select your desired award, and purchase your top-up miles as instructed on the checkout page.

How do I claim expired Asia Miles?

When it is cancelled, call Asia Miles, and your miles will be valid 1 year past the original booking date. Setup an “exception arrangement” with Asia Miles. Transfer a total of 3000 miles from 2 different partners and your miles will be reinstated with the new renewable 18 months expiration policy.

Does Asia mile expire?

Asia Miles are valid for three years from the month mileage is credited.

How do I retrieve my Asia Miles?

To claim missing non-airline Miles, simply log in to your Asia Miles account, go to “Manage your Miles”, click “Claim missing Miles”, and select “Claim other Miles”.

How does asiaasia miles work?

Asia Miles has over 500 partners worldwide, giving you unlimited opportunities to earn miles. In the air, we have a fleet of airline partners, while our non-airline partners on the ground make it easy to earn miles every day. This guide will help you maximise your earning opportunities and also explains how to redeem Asia Miles for great awards.

Who is Asia Miles owned by?

Asia Miles is owned by, and provided to members by Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd (“CPA”), and is managed and operated by our customers to better design our website and/or to improve our services and Asia Miles Limited (“AML”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.

How do I redeem my Asia Miles for flight awards?

To redeem your Asia Miles for flight awards: • For Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, British Airways and Qantas Airways – log on to either www.cathaypacific.com orwww.dragonair.com with your membership number or username to redeem your desired flight using the Online Booking service.

What is the Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand joint alliance?

Since 2013, Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand have operated a joint alliance on services between New Zealand and Hong Kong. Under this agreement, passengers flying with either airline on certain routes can enjoy a wide range of shared benefits.