Where is Jack Vidgen now?

Where is Jack Vidgen now?

On 2 June 2019, Vidgen returned to television on The Voice Australia. In an interview with Who magazine, Vidgen said “After winning Australia’s Got Talent there was Facebook pages with death threats…

How old is Jack Vidgen now?

25 years (January 17, 1997)
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What happened to Jack from the voice?

Former child star Jack Vidgen has been treated for substance abuse at a Sydney rehabilitation clinic. The winner of Australia’s Got Talent 2011 was treated for six weeks at a Curl Curl rehabilitation clinic, the Daily Telegraphreports. It’s believed the 23-year-old attending the South Pacific Private clinic in August.

Did Jack Vidgen win Australia’s got talent?

The fifth season premiered on the Seven Network on 3 May 2011 and ended on 2 August 2011, where singer Jack Vidgen was crowned the winner of Australia’s Got Talent, while illusionist Cosentino became runner-up. The producer auditions took place in 16 cities across Australia, and ran from October to December 2010.

Is Jack Vidgen on the masked singer?

After weeks of serving up saucy performances, Jack Vidgen was unveiled as the Kebab on The Masked Singer Australia on Monday night.

What did Jack Vidgen do to his lips?

In May last year, Jack admitted to getting lip fillers and said he had finally found happiness in himself. ‘I’ve had filler done [in my lips],’ the star told The Kyle & Jackie O Show. ‘I had an insecurity with my lips and I had the opportunity to not be insecure anymore and I did that and I’m happy. ‘

What did vidgen win?

Jack ended up winning Australia’s Got Talent, walking away with $250,000 and a record deal with Sony Music. His fame quickly transformed from a stint on a singing competition to full-time fame.

Why is Jack Vidgen rehab?

Jack’s mother Rachel said his rehabilitation was a “hard time” for the family. Jack’s candor about his drinking comes after he spent six weeks in rehab for substance abuse at the end of 2020.

Who won Australia’s Got Talent 2020?

Kristy Sellars
Australia’s Got Talent (season 9)

Australia’s Got Talent
Judges Manu Feildel Nicole Scherzinger Shane Jacobson Lucy Durack
Winner Kristy Sellars
Runner-up Sienna Osborne

Who wins The Masked Singer 2021?

songwriter Jewel
When it comes to the Queen of Hearts, there’s no playing. Singer/songwriter Jewel was unmasked as the Season 6 winner of “The Masked Singer,” having wowed the show’s panelists and fans while disguised as the Queen of Hearts. Jewel beat out runner-up Todrick Hall, who was unmasked as the Bull.

Who is the Baby on The Masked Singer?

Larry the Cable Guy
(CNN) Not one of the judges guessed the true identity of the Baby on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Masked Singer.” It was none other than funny man, Larry the Cable Guy, whose real name is Daniel Whitney.

Did Jack Vidgen get lip fillers?

“I’ve never had plastic surgery or any surgery, it’s pretty obvious I have had my lips done with fillers,” he said. “I think with these types of things it’s so common now, especially for people my age, it’s not a big deal.