What seats are under cover at Heinz Field?

What seats are under cover at Heinz Field?

Shaded & Covered Seating Rows F and above in sections 219-226 are under the overhang. Rows G and above in club seating are covered from above. On the less-sunny side of the field (sections 205-216), the cover also provides shade for the majority of rows.

What are the best seats at CenturyLink field?

The best seats at CenturyLink Field are located closest to Mid Field in sections 108-110, 208-210, 134-136, and 234-236. If you are sitting the 100 level you want to make sure you sit above row 10 so you have enough height to see the entire field.

What side of Heinz Field is in the sun?

At Heinz Field in winter, the sun will stay low in the south and set to the west, meaning those in the northern and north-eastern sections of the ground (roughly sections 110 – 128, 210 – 228, and 510 – 527) will need to think about taking a hat or sunnies if the forecast looks pleasant.

How are the seats numbered at Heinz Field?

Heinz Field Seating: Seat Numbers and Rows – the 100s The Best Seats: In the 100s sections of the Heinz Field row A is the first row, row Z is the 26th row, and row AA is the 27th row. The best seats for the Pittsburgh Steelers are on or near the 50-yard line (near section 111 or 134).

What are the best seats at Lumen Field?

In the 100 level, sections 107-111 and 133-137 are located between the 20 yardlines and are often considered the best seats for a Seahawks game. Within these sections, we prefer the highest rows for the most comfortable view.

Are club seats worth it at Lumen Field?

These seats aim to provide the most comfortable experience at Lumen Field. The Club Seats come with a few extra perks for Seahawks games.

What seats are undercover at Lumen Field?

The majority of the 300 level sections will be under cover from the large roof above the upper level seating deck. However, sections 318-319 and 325-326 in the upper level corners, as well as sections 320-324 will not be under cover and will be some of the most exposed to the weather at Lumen Field.

What are the lower level seats at Heinz Field?

The lower level seats at Heinz Field include sections 101 through 144 and the PNC Champions Club area in the south end zone. For the most part, the entire lower level of Heinz Field is very symmetrical. The rows for most sections on the lower level are lettered A through Z, followed by rows AA through GG.

What section is the Steelers sideline at Heinz Field?

The visiting team use the tunnel adjacent to sections 125 and 126 at Heinz Field. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ sideline is located in front of sections 134 and 135. The visiting team’s sideline is located in front of sections 110 and 111. The upper level seats at Heinz Field include sections 504 through 541.

What is the UPMC club at Heinz Field?

The UPMC Club at Heinz Field, also known as the “East Club”, is located on the 2nd level of the stadium and consists of sections 205 through 216. Like the Hyundai Club, the UPMC Club totals more than 45,000 square feet and comes with the following perks. The rows for the UPMC Club sections are lettered A through Q.

How many people can you bring to a Heinz Field Party?

There are three types of suites offered at Heinz Field; sideline suites, field level suites, and a party suite. The sideline and field level suites can accommodate between 12 and 24 guests and include tickets for guests as well as parking. The party suite can host up to 40 guests.