What personality type is most likely to be a Slytherin?

What personality type is most likely to be a Slytherin?

Slytherin: ENFJ, ESTP, ESFP, ESTJ These achievement-oriented types are an easy match for Slytherin, which is known for its leaders (both bad and good).

What are the good qualities of Slytherin?

The traits that get you placed into Slytherin are ambition, resourcefulness, determination, and cleverness. An association with villainous characters and elitism has given Slytherin the reputation of being an evil house. Hogwarts houses, however, no longer signify just a fictional construct in a beloved series.

What are the values of Slytherin?

Hogwarts House Values
Gryffindor Bravery, helping others, and chivalry.
Hufflepuff Hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play.
Ravenclaw Intelligence, knowledge, planning ahead, and wit.
Slytherin Ambition, cunningness, heritage, and resourcefulness.

Can a Slytherin be nice?

There are only two examples in the series of people who were in Slytherin who seemed to be good people: Professor Slughorn and Andromeda Tonks. Regulus Black and Severus Snape are examples of two people who weren’t good people, but who switched sides eventually.

What Harry Potter House is Infp?

The INFP – Most Likely Choice: Hufflepuff You love Hufflepuff for its openness, honesty, and egalitarian nature. You thrive in this house because it prioritizes patience, kindness, and variety. Hufflepuff isn’t a place for “cliques” and bravado.

What MBTI is Cedric Diggory?

Cedric Diggory is often described as an ISFJ because of his charismatic warmth and likeability. He’s also a prominent Hufflepuff.

Are Slytherins intelligent?

Slytherin is clever/cunning/ambitious and Ravenclaw is wise/resourceful/intelligent. But that does NOT mean that Ravenclaws are not clever at all. Every person is different.

How do you tell if you’re a Slytherin?

15 Ways to Tell You’re Dating a Slytherin

  1. They hate admitting when they are wrong.
  2. They love to be right, and they often are, which is why they can’t stand the 5% of the time when they’re actually wrong.
  3. They always end their texts with a period, leaving you to constantly wonder if they are mad at you.

Do Slytherins care what others think?

While other houses such as Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are known for caring about others and being oriented towards other people, Slytherins are a more self-preserving house. They are more independent and out for themselves, and they aren’t very likely to play the hero or put their own lives on the line.

What is the Slytherin password?

The entry password was “Pure-blood” when Draco Malfoy let them in.

Can Slytherins be empathetic?

Slytherins might be known for their cunning, discernment, and loyalty, but are certainly not the empathetic type.

Is Entp a Slytherin?

The ENTP – Most Likely Choice: Slytherin ENTPs will find their curiosity, ambition, and innovation prized in the Slytherin house. They also might enjoy debating theories and perplexing ideas in the Ravenclaw home as an alternative.

What are the positive traits of Slytherin?

This is one of the positive Slytherin traits that definitely doesn’t get talked about by Harry Potter fans enough. Leadership is something that is mentioned by the Sorting Hat and that also comes across to any fan that is paying attention. While not all Slytherins make great leaders, the other core traits of the house lend to leadership positions.

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