What is with grant option in db2?

What is with grant option in db2?

The WITH GRANT OPTION means that the user can, in turn, grant that authority to someone else. For example, if you grant DBADM authority to a user with the WITH GRANT OPTION, that user can grant any single DBADM authority (like CREATETAB) or the full DBADM authority.

How do I grant permission to run a user in db2?


  1. To grant the EXECUTE privilege to an authorization ID, use the GRANT statement with the EXECUTE ON PROCEDURE clause.
  2. To grant the EXECUTE privilege to a role, use the GRANT statement with the EXECUTE ON PROCEDURE clause and the ROLE clause.

How do I grant select privileges to user for all tables in db2?

How to grant select privileges on all tables for DB2

  1. MYDB=””
  2. MYSCHEMA=””
  3. MYUSER=””
  4. db2 “CONNECT TO $MYDB”
  5. DBTABLES=`db2 -x “SELECT tabname FROM syscat.tables WHERE tabschema=UPPER(‘$MYSCHEMA’)”`
  8. done.

What is grantee and grantor in db2?

The grantor for a given GRANT statement is the authorization ID for the privilege set; that is, the SQL authorization ID of the process or a role, or the authorization ID of the owner of the plan or package. The grantee, as recorded in the catalog, is an authorization ID or PUBLIC.

What is control privilege in db2?

The CONTROL privilege is implicitly granted on newly created tables, indexes, and packages. This privilege allows the object creator to access the database object, and to grant and revoke privileges to or from other users on that object.

How do I grant permission sp?

From Stored Procedure Properties, select the Permissions page. To grant permissions to a user, database role, or application role, select Search. In Select Users or Roles, select Object Types to add or clear the users and roles you want.

How do I grant a procedure to run?


  1. To grant the EXECUTE privilege on the package to an authorization ID, issue the GRANT statement with the EXECUTE ON PACKAGE clause.
  2. To grant the EXECUTE privilege on the package to a role, issue the GRANT statement with the EXECUTE ON PACKAGE clause and the ROLE clause.

How do I create a schema in db2?

Create a new Schema db2 create schema authroization

How do I add a user in db2?

Create a database user pim and grant the permissions by using the instance owner login (the default instance owner login is db2inst1 ). You must grant these permissions: DBADM….Create a user at the operating system level.

  1. Create an operating system user.
  2. Set the password for the user.
  3. Set a new password for the user.

How do I find users in db2?

To see users in Data Studio expand User branch in Data Source Explorer. To view privilages of user right-click on specific user (1) and then select Properties (2). After it’s done in the bottom of Data Studio will appear Properties tab. Click Privilages (3) and there will be displayed privilages to the database.

What is authorization in DB2?

Db2 tables and configuration files are used to record the permissions associated with each authorization name. When an authenticated user tries to access data, these recorded permissions are compared with the permissions of: The authorization name of the user. The groups to which the user belongs.

What is public group in DB2?

A Special Database Group Public User and group definition in DB2 security are left to the control of the operating system or the external security facility. In addition, DB2 has one special PUBLIC group.

What are the roles in DB2?

Introduction. A role is a database object that groups multiple privileges that can be assigned to users,groups,PUBLIC or other roles by using GRANT statement.

  • Restrictions on roles. A role cannot own database objects.
  • Creating and granting membership in roles.
  • Granting role from DBADM to a particular table.
  • What is reorg in DB2?

    Reorg is an utility in DB2 that reorganizes the data is the clustering sequences and can free up empty space. Reorg has evolved a lot in recent versions of DB2. It used to be during reorgs the table is offline, now the reorgs allow read/write access to the table and can be paused, resumed or even stop in the middle and the table is not effected.

    What is IBM DB2 database?

    DB2 is a database product from IBM. It is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). DB2 is designed to store, analyze and retrieve the data efficiently. DB2 product is extended with the support of Object-Oriented features and non-relational structures with XML.