What is vectorstock?

What is vectorstock?

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Can pkd13 be used for in-frame deletions?

Its scar has stop codons in all three forward but in only one reverse reading frame. Because of the presence of two ORFs in the orientation opposite that of Fig. 3, pKD13 might also be useful for creating in-frame deletions in which the scar encodes a new 27-residue internal peptide (s). These scars could be problematic under certain conditions.

What are pkd13 scars used for?

They can therefore be used to create nonpolar gene deletions within operons or deletions that remove only an N-terminal coding region and express a C-terminal protein domain. In contrast, the pKD13 scar has no translation signals. Therefore, we have used it primarily to disrupt single genes or entire operons.

What is the difference between pkd20 and pkkd46 plasmids?

The plasmids pKD20 and pKD46 (Fig. 2) express the Red system under control of a well-regulated promoter to avoid unwanted recombinational events under noninducing conditions. They differ in that the latter has the native tL3 terminator downstream of exo.

How many stock Vector images are there?

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What is the KRISS Vector folding stock?

The redesigned hinged KRISS Vector Folding Stock is compatible with both the GEN I and early GEN II KRISS Vector upper housing with the integrated hinge mount and features a metal sling loop below the body. The folding stock aids with the storage and transport of your KRISS Vector by reducing the overall length by approximately 9.5″ when folded.

How many royalty-free vector images are there?

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