What is the use of GPlates?

What is the use of GPlates?

GPlates is an open-source, cross-platform plate tectonic geographic information system, enabling the interactive manipulation of plate-tectonic reconstructions and the visualization of geodata through geological time.

Is GPlates free?

GPlates is free software (also known as open-source software), licensed for distribution under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

How can you open GPlates software?

GPlates runs on Windows, macOS and Linux….To compile GPlates from source, you will require:

  1. Boost 1.35 or above.
  2. CGAL 4.7 or above (preferably 4.12 or above)
  3. CMake 3.5 or above.
  4. GDAL 1.3. 2 or above (preferably 2 or above)
  5. GLEW.
  6. OpenGL.
  7. PROJ 4.6 or above (preferably 6 or above)
  8. Python 3.5 or above (or 2.7)

What is the file extension of GPlates software?

GPML is the GPlates Markup Language, the “native” file format of GPlates.

Who developed GPlates?

Professor Dietmar Müller
The GPlates project was started by Professor Dietmar Müller in 2006. By the end of 2010, the GPlates 1.0. 0 was released. The latest release is GPlates 2.2 in August 2019.

How do you save features in GPlates?

As a convenient shortcut for saving all your changes in one go, the Manage Feature Collections dialog has a Save All button. This saves all files that: Have been modified in GPlates since they were last loaded/saved. Have a file name.

Which technique is to be used from the layer window to either show or hide the layers of Gplates software?

The Layers dialog is usually displayed automatically when you first load a feature collection. To show/hide the dialog, select the Show Layers menu item in the Window menu or use the Ctrl+L shortcut key.

What is GPlates?

GPlates offers a novel combination of interactive plate tectonic reconstructions, geographic information system (GIS) functionality and raster data visualisation. GPlates enables both the visualisation and the manipulation of plate tectonic reconstructions and associated data through geological time.

How do I buy a G-Plate vehicle?

Good luck. A G-plate vehicle can only be registered to a company business. all u haf to do is register a company and buy the vehicle. easy as that. company use ur home address and lets say u use ur home as an office lo. v easy to do. or u say ur dad work in jurong fish port. use the fish port company address to reg oso can de.

Is there an online user manual for GPlates?

GPlates has an online user manual. GPlates is free software (also known as open-source software ), licensed for distribution under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is pypygplates?

PyGPlates is the GPlates Python library. Get fine-grained access to GPlates functionality in your Python scripts. What is GPlates? GPlates is desktop software for the interactive visualisation of plate tectonics.