What is the size of OTU2?

What is the size of OTU2?

Please note that all OTU Frames (whether it is an OTU1, OTU2, OTU3, or OTU4 frame) are all the same size, and therefore, each frame has exactly 16,320 bytes.

How many ODU0 are in ODU2?

24.1. 2 OTN

Uk Signal Bit-Rate in Gbps (approx.) Remark
ODU0 1.25 For transporting 1000BASE-X signal (such as Gigabit Ethernet)
ODU1 2.5 For transporting two ODU0 signals or a STS-48/STM-16 signal
ODU2 10 For transporting eight ODU0s or four OD1s
ODU2e 10 For transporting 10 Gigabit Ethernet

What is ODU in DWDM?

An ODU (Optical Data Unit) is a data structure that Path Terminating Equipment (PTE) within an Optical Transport Network (OTN) will generate and monitor as it transmits and receives data.

What is Otu in DWDM?

OTU: Optical Transport Unit. This represents a physical optical port (such as OTU2, 10Gbps), and adds performance monitoring (for the optical layer) and the FEC (Forward Error Correction). This deals with fixed wavelength DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) between OADMs (Optical Add Drop Multiplexer).

What is OTSi in OTN?

959.1 defines the term OTSi as: “Optical signal that is placed within a network media channel for transport across the optical network. This may consist of a single modulated optical carrier or a group of modulated optical carriers or subcarriers.

What is OTUCn?

OTUCn based on ITU-T G. 709 and supplementary documents allow the transport of services beyond 100G, e.g. 200GE and 400GE, and enables line side transport structures beyond 1Tbps. The physical adaptation is defined as FlexO in ITU-T G. 709.1 and ITU-T G. 709.3 to address client and line side interfaces.

What is OMS DWDM?

OCh is for the conversion of electrical signal to optical signal and modulates the DWDM wavelength carrier. OMS multiplexes several wavelengths in the section between OADMs (optical add drop multiplexer). OTS manages the fixed DWDM wavelengths between each of the in-line optical amplifier units.

What is the difference between CWDM and DWDM?

CWDM has a wider channel spacing than DWDM — the nominal difference in frequency or wavelength between two adjacent optical channels. DWDM systems, on the other hand, can carry 40, 80, 96 or up to 160 wavelengths by utilizing a much narrower spacing 0.8/0.4 nm (100 GHz/50 GHz grid).

What is OTU2?

OTU2 has a line rate of approximately 10.70 Gbit/s and was designed to transport an OC- 192, STM-64 or WAN PHY (10GBASE-W). • OTU2e has a line rate of approximately 11.09 Gbit/s and was designed to transport an 10 gigabit Ethernet LAN PHY coming from IP/Ethernet switches and routers at full line rate (10.3 Gbit/s).

What is the capacity supported by STS 1 or STM 0?

774 bytes
User data (774 bytes for STM-0/STS-1, or 2,430 octets for STM-1/STS-3c) For STS-1, the payload is referred to as the synchronous payload envelope (SPE), which in turn has 18 stuffing bytes, leading to the STS-1 payload capacity of 756 bytes.

What is the difference between odu1 and odu2 payloads?

The payloads of the ODU1s are byte interleaved into the payload of a ODU2 frame. The OPU overhead of an OTU2 frame will carry information in its PSI byte about the multiplexed signals. The payload type indicates multiplexed ODU signals.

What is odu0?

ODU0 – Efficient Transport of 1GE and SDH/SONET Payloads ODU0 is the smallest container defined for OTN.

What are the dimensions of the otl4 and OTU4?

10 x 10G 10 λ (1550 nm) 10 km OTU4, 100GE 100GBase-LR4 OTL4.4 4 x 28G 4 λ (1310 nm) 10 km OTU4, 100GE 100GBase-ER4 OTL4.4 4 x 28G 4 λ (1310 nm) 40 km OTU4, 100GE 100GBase-EX4 OTL4.4 4 x 28G 4 λ (1550nm) 40 km OTU4, 100GE OTN Reference Guide Application Note