What is the deadline for DV 2020?

What is the deadline for DV 2020?

The annual program’s guidelines stipulate that all winners, including family members or derivatives, must be issued immigrant visas by Sept. 30 of the program’s fiscal year, which in this case was Sept. 30, 2020.

What is filing date and final action date?

Now, the “Date for Filing” determines whether or not you can submit the final immigrant visa application, and the “Final Action Date” indicates whether or not it is expected that an immigrant visa number will be available.

How long will eb3 retrogression last?

EB-3 India Final Action dates will retrogress by two years to January 15, 2012. EB-3 China will retrogress by 9.5 months to March 22, 2018.

Will DV 2020 continue?

On October 13, 2021, the Court ordered the Department to “commence processing the 9,095 DV-2020 visas as soon as is feasible and to conclude such processing no later than the end of the 2022 Fiscal Year, or September 30, 2022.” …

Will there be dv-2023?

For FY 2023, the U.S. Department of State DV lottery program will make up to 55,000 green card numbers available through random selection. Foreign nationals selected in the lottery will be eligible to submit a green card application during the 2023 fiscal year, which begins on October 1, 2022.

What is cutoff date in visa bulletin?

Cut-off date: The dates you see on the visa bulletin tables are called “cut-off dates.” Think of this date as the front of the green card line. Green card applicants with priority dates prior to the cut-off date can submit their green card applications.

What is a last action date?

What are “Final Action Dates” in Visa Bulletin? The “final action dates” or “application final action dates” are the dates when the actual green card numbers are available for that category & country of birth, so that the final Green Cards or immigrant visas can be issued.

What is current date for EB3?


Final Action Date of Filing
EB1 current 0 days current 0 days
EB2 1 Jan 13 +5 month 27 days 1 Sep 13 +1 month 25 days
EB3 15 Jan 12 0 days 22 Jan 12 0 days
EB3 other workers 15 Jan 12 0 days 22 Jan 12 0 days

Will EB3 India move forward in 2021?

Our algorithm is still projecting a forward movement in both EB2 and EB3 India with the spillover in Oct 2021. This means that visa bulletin should see movement forward upto 2014 after April 2022 unless USCIS decides to waste a large number of Green cards.

How likely is it to win DV lottery?

The average chance of winning a Green Card with The American Dream is about 1:25 to 1:75, depending on the region and year (for Europeans recently around 1:45).

What is ededv visa?

EDV remains for Electronic Diversity Visa otherwise called DV Lottery which basically is a ticket to The United States. In the event that you are sufficiently fortunate than you can win the lottery and be the changeless occupant of The US.

What is the date for opening the DV 2023 form?

The date for opening the DV 2023 form is now out. Date is not fixed now. Every candidate is required to bring the first form of every single common record in addition to one photocopy of each report to the visa meet. You should likewise bring any required budgetary proof gave by your applicant.

What do you need to apply for EDV Lotter 2023?

– Proof of the U.S. applicant’s status and house in the United States (photocopy of a U.S. visa, naturalization testament, or legitimate perpetual occupant card). New For EDV Lotter 2023: – The passport number, country of issuance, and expiration date for the principal entrant’s valid, unexpired international travel passport.