What is process mapping in supply chain?

What is process mapping in supply chain?

Mapping your supply chain is a five-step process in which you create a visual representation of all the entities and functions that exist within and around your business. At each stage, you can ask questions to work out if the process could be more efficient, or less risky, expensive or time-consuming.

How do you make a supply chain map?

There are four key steps in the supply chain mapping process.

  1. Learn where suppliers and their suppliers are located by working with procurement and using existing supplier lists.
  2. Integrate information on your suppliers from different sources using a spreadsheet or data platform.

What is supply chain in textile industry?

Manage the flow of goods and services through the supply chain network and it is mainly related to logistics. For this reason, logistic planning is one of the key focus. In supply chain management, the management of resources in every stage of manufacturing.

What is value chain mapping?

Value chain mapping is a process that identifies the main activities associated with a company’s service or product line and is often used in corporate strategy in order to identify performance improvement opportunities.

What is the role of IT in the supply chain of a garment industry?

IT contributes towards the maximizing the value of textile supply chain through integrating supply chain operations within and outside the organization and collaborating the acts of vendors and customers based on shared forecasts.

What are the 4 steps to effective process mapping?

Creating effective process maps requires four things:

  1. a set of symbols;
  2. a technique to ensure that everyone uses and understands the symbols in the same way;
  3. data about each process step;
  4. a drawing tool to link graphical elements into a readable map.

What is supply chain analysis?

Supply chain analysis is the process of evaluating every stage of a supply chain starting from the time the business acquires raw materials or supplies from its suppliers to the delivery of final products to the customers.

What is a Level 5 process map?

– A level 5 procedure represents task level information, detailing how tasks are carried out manually by a process worker or automatically by the system. The level is a decomposition of a level 4 process/step. – A level 5 procedure map should contain 5 – 30 process steps.