What is Hibiscus?

What is Hibiscus?

What is Hibiscus? Roselle is native to tropical Africa, but today grows throughout many tropical areas. This annual herb produces elegant red flowers. The flowers (calyx and bract portions) are collected when slightly immature.

What is nyctinasty Hibiscus?

Nyctinasty in hibiscus plants is a mechanism to protect against adverse conditions such as cool temperatures that can be damaging. Through a lack of light stimulus and circadian rhythms the plant is able to trigger the molecular movement of ions to allow for the closing of the flower.

What kind of hibiscus has orange flowers?

It is a double hibiscus that forms 6-8 inches wide ruffled deep orange flower. The flower does not lose its deep color even in the hot summer sun. Here are some of the best Coleus varieties you can grow!

What does a multicolored Hibiscus look like?

This multicolored hibiscus variety is a perennial shrub that can grow up to 3-8 feet tall. The flower opens in the shades of pure white to deep rose with a maroon center, from summer to fall. This ornamental flower has 10-12 inches wide petal with dark green foliage. 9. Flower of an Hour