What is Dashboard in MicroStrategy?

What is Dashboard in MicroStrategy?

A dashboard is an interactive display that you can create to showcase and explore business data. You can add data to a dashboard by importing the data from a file, database, or the results of a custom database query (a Freeform script). For an overview of importing data, see Importing Data into MicroStrategy Desktop.

What are the different types of attributes in MicroStrategy?

The attribute will have four forms and the tables will join together through the ID columns.

  • Attribute form properties.
  • Attribute form expressions.
  • Simple expressions.
  • Implicit expressions.
  • Derived expressions.
  • Heterogeneous mappings.
  • Attributes and SQL.
  • Column alias.

What is OLAP in MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy OLAP Services lets MicroStrategy Developer, Web, and Office users make use of features that slice and dice data in reports without re-executing SQL against your data source. This improves performance by resulting in quicker data display within a report as users analyze and manipulate the data.

Can MicroStrategy Desktop join data across heterogeneous data sources?

Can Microstrategy Desktop join data across heterogeneous data sources? Ans: Yes. By mapping conforming dimensions from different sources, Microstrategy Desktop can automatically join data from multiple different sources in the same report document.

Why is MicroStrategy used?

MicroStrategy provides a single, cohesive offering that empowers both IT professionals and business users to fully harness the power of their data. MicroStrategy is the only analytics platform on the market that combines enterprise-grade performance, scalability, and security with easy-to-use interfaces and workflows.

What are attributes and metrics in MicroStrategy?

An attribute on a report serves as a label for a group of metrics. To use attributes on a report, see Providing business context to a report: Attributes. Metrics: A metric is a business measure or key performance indicator, such as Revenue, Profit, Employee Headcount, or Probability of Purchase.

What is level metrics in MicroStrategy?

Level metrics are metrics that are evaluated at a set level of data, regardless of what is contained on the dossier they are placed in. For example, you can choose to group and calculate metric data based on the attribute selected as the target.

What is MicroStrategy architecture?

A MicroStrategy system is built around a three-tier or four-tier structure. The first tier consists of two databases: the data warehouse, which contains the information that your users analyze; and the MicroStrategy metadata, which contains information about your MicroStrategy projects.

What is Intelligent Cube in MicroStrategy?

Intelligent Cubes are multi-dimensional cubes (sets of data) that allow you to use OLAP Services features on reports, as well as share sets of data among multiple reports. On MicroStrategy’s business intelligence platform, you have two unique methods to implement Intelligent Cube Technology:

What is data source in MicroStrategy?

In MicroStrategy Web, users can import data from different data sources, such as a database or the results of a SQL query, then create reports, documents, and dashboards to report on their imported data.

What are Strategic dashboards and scorecards?

You could call these overlapping sections “strategic dashboards” or “operational scorecards”—and yes, you could create these with some basic modifications! A strategic dashboard may comprise of a small, concise set of measures that represent the strategy of the organization as a whole.

What do you get with MicroStrategy?

Microstrategy is an enterprise business intelligence application software vendor. It supports scorecards, interactive dashboards, ad hoc query, high formatted reports, etc. 2) Mention what specific features and functionality do you get with OLAP services?

Is MicroStrategy 8 good for data modeling?

Yes. Microstrategy 8 have extended the data modeling flexibility to include integrated views of data across heterogeneous data stores. Data can come from anywhere- data warehouse, SAP BW, data marts, and any number of operational system databases.

What is smart metrics in MicroStrategy?

Smart metric is referred when a compound metric is defined with other metric objects using arithmetic operations like sum M1/M2. For example: Simple or Compound Metrics Total (profits/unit sold) Smart Metrics: Total (profit)/ Total (sold) 8) Mention what types of testing can be carried out over the Microstrategy reports?