What does level control malfunction mean in a BMW?

What does level control malfunction mean in a BMW?

The Level Control System Malfunction on a BMW comes on when there is a problem with the air suspension, and the vehicle can not raise or self-level.

How do you reset the self leveling suspension on a BMW x5?

First You will need to disconnect the battery cables from Your battery. Now You will want to touch the battery cables together and let them sit there connected for about ten minutes. This allows all of the electricity left in the vehicle to essentially drain out and ground out.

What is level control system?

In level-control systems, fluid flow rates are controlled by varying the degree of opening of a gate-type valve. Because of the forces involved, a pneumatic ‘actuator’ is normally employed, working off a controlled pressure in the range between 3-15 pounds per square inch (i.e. psi).

How do you turn off air suspension on a BMW X5?


  1. Keep the ignition on.
  2. Hold the suspension level switch down for exactly seven seconds.
  3. Check if the air suspension is off by looking for the green dashed line on the dashboard.

What is BMW self leveling suspension?

Self-levelling suspension lifts the rear end of the vehicle up to spread out the weight more evenly. This puts the weight back onto the front end of the vehicle, which lets the brakes do their job more effectively.

How does a level control valve work?

Level Control Valves Are used to manage the filling of tanks and vessels by means of a mechanical float that operates a small pilot valve to control the main valve. The main valve allows the liquid (often water) to flow down and impulse line to the pilot valve at the float.

How do I turn off BMW air suspension?

Does BMW X7 have air suspension?

Along with a comfortable interior, the BMW X7 provides a smooth ride with standard two-axle air suspension. The adjustable height allows for easier entry and loading. Comfort Seating.

How do I know if my BMW has self leveling suspension?

Registered. check under your spare tire, you should have a dome shaped compressor under there according to BMW if you have the self leveling suspension.

How do I know if I have self leveling suspension?

You can look under the car from the rear, if you see large plastic ribbed plastic on the shocks, you likely have Nivomat’s. You can also measure the car before you drive, drive at least a mile and measure again. If you raise at least 1 inch, you likely have them.

What is the power module on the E65?

The Power Module (PM) is one of the innovative new developments on the E65. The job of the Power Module is to ensure that the battery charge level is maintained when the engine is running and when the vehicle is at rest.

Where does the battery cable run on a BMW E65?

An aluminum battery cable in the E65 is used for the first time by a BMW automobile. The cable is flat (120mm2) and runs along the vehicle interior from a junction box ahead of the spare tire well to the interior side of the front bulkhead. A smaller copper cable runs parallel to it in the vehicle interior.

How are the correction values determined for the E39 and E53?

These correction values are determined and entered automatically in the control unit in this test module after entering target and actual values for the E39 and E53 as well as after entering the rim size and actual values on the E65 and E61. The vehicle must be in a horizontal position. The chassis must not be tensioned.

How do I clear the transport mode on a BMW?

Vehicles that arrive at the BMW centers may have the Transport Mode cleared by using the Test Module under the Service Functions menu. Different from the Storage Mode described on page 24, certain consumers such as the radio, interior lights, and electric windows (except drivers side) are permanently switched off.