Is the Sony Handycam dcr-sr68 worth it?

Is the Sony Handycam dcr-sr68 worth it?

Sony’s Handycam DCR-SR68 (and larger-capacity SR88) offers up ample storage and a megazoom lens at a reasonable price; one look at the standard-definition video, though, and you might regret not spending a bit more for an HD model.

What kind of camcorder is the Sony sr68?

Available in blue, silver, and red versions, the SR68/SR88 (the SR88 is silver only) is an attractive little camcorder. Its physical controls are textbook camcorder design with a start/stop button at the back and zoom rocker up top in front of a shutter release for snapshots in Photo mode.

How do I use the dcr-sx43/sr68/sr88/sx63?

DCR-SX43: Memory card DCR-SX44/SX63: Internal memory DCR-SR68/SR88: Internal hard disk Tips 1See page 17 on changing the recording media (DCR-SR68/SR88/SX44/SX63). Open the LCD screen of your camcorder. Your camcorder turns on. 2To turn on your camcorder when the LCD screen is already open, press POWER (p. 15). Press (VIEW IMAGES).

Why can’t I record images (dcr-sr68/sr88)?

While [DROP SENSOR] is activated (p. 70), you may not record images (DCR-SR68/SR88). The temperature of your camcorder is extremely high. Turn off your camcorder and leave it for a while in a cool place. The temperature of your camcorder is extremely low. Turn off your camcorder and take it to a warm place.

What is the difference between the Handycam DCR-SX series?

The Handycam DCR-SX series is Sony’s flash-memory-based standard-definition ultracompact camcorder. It’s made up of three models that differ only by storage amounts: the SX45 has no internal memory; the SX65 has 4GB built in; and the SX85 has 16GB of internal storage.

What kind of shooting options does the Sony sx65 have?

This camcorder was designed for hassle-free recording and as such doesn’t have a lot of extra shooting options. A majority of my field testing was done with the SX65 set to Auto for white balance, scene selection, and focus, and it performed satisfactorily.