Is it canon to kill Paarthurnax?

Is it canon to kill Paarthurnax?

It’s seems linear enough to be considered canon of the Dragonborn killing Paarthurnax; like the White Phial for example, linear enough to be considered canon.

Is killing the emperor canon?

The Emperor was assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood on his journey. That’s the canon ending for the emperor.

Is TES blade a cannon?

Is it taking place in the Canon? Sure. TES Canon is a VERY weird nut to crack though and the metaphysics of the universe kinda puts Blades into Canon Superposition: it both is and isn’t Canon in every instance until events/circumstances/etc… effect or are mentioned in other games.

Can you complete Sovngarde without killing Paarthurnax?

Often, Delphine will still allow you to recruit followers even after you have been told to kill Paarthurnax. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to complete that quest and not kill him. If you trigger the quest to kill Paarthurnax after completing Sovngarde, the quest will be permanently stuck in your journal unless you kill Paarthurnax.

Can you talk to arngeir if you accidentally kill Paarthurnax?

If you accidentally killed Paarthurnax without creating a backup save but still want to talk to the greybeards, try the following commands in the console and Arngeir will talk to you as if you were just back from killing Alduin: It is unclear why, but Paarthurnax’s health will sometimes regenerate, making it impossible to kill him.

What happens to the MISC quest after killing Paarthurnax?

Even after killing Paarthurnax the misc. quest “Talk to Esbern” may remain stuck in your journal. Delphine and Esbern have discovered that Paarthurnax was one of Alduin’s chief allies during the ancient Dragon War. They refuse to give me any more help until I kill Paarthurnax.

Who is Paarthurnax in Skyrim?

Paarthurnax is one of Skyrim ‘s most memorable characters. Taking refuge at the peak of the Throat of the World, he is one of very few non-hostile dragons players meet in the game. Parthurnaax lives a life of meditation that makes the Blades’ request to kill him shocking to many players on their first run through the game’s main quest.