How much does a sailfin Molly cost?

How much does a sailfin Molly cost?

Sailfin Molly

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How many sailfin mollies should be kept together?

Mollies tend to stick together most of the time, which is why you should keep them in groups of 4 or more. If you are planning to keep more than 4 mollies, make sure you get a 20-gallon tank at least.

How big do sailfin Mollies get?

The sailfin molly is a small species, seldom exceeding 12.5 cm (5 inches) in length (Robins and Ray 1986); however it can attain lengths of 15 cm (6 inches) (Rohde et al.

Can lyretail mollies breed with regular mollies?

Albeit there being several varieties of molly fish, they all can be mated because regardless of the color or fin configuration, they are the same species, and any male will readily fertilize with all females. So, put simply, different colors and shapes of mollies are still the same fish and will readily breed.

What is a Dalmation Molly?

Very popular in fish stores, the Dalmation molly is covered with a base color of white. Specks of black adorn the body, making it look like a Dalmation dog. Dalmation mollies can be standard, lyretail, balloon, or sailfin!

How can you tell if a Molly is pregnant?

  1. Watch for any behavioral changes in your female molly fish. Some of the changes in behavior are that she may move slower in the water, stay away from other fish and eat more.
  2. Note if a dark triangular spot has appeared near the anal vent.
  3. Look for the stomach to change.
  4. View your molly fish throughout the pregnancy.

What color light is best for molly fish?

If you only want to keep mollies by themselves, a fluorescent light makes a good, cheap light. If you want to keep plants, you can purchase special fluorescent tubes designed for promoting plant growth.

Can you keep male mollies together?

More than one molly can be kept in a tank together, however, they have been known to nip the fins of others in their tank. It is recommended that only one male molly be kept in a tank since males will fight with each other to establish a dominant alpha fish.

How do you take care of a sailfin molly?

Captive sailfins will do best on a diet rich in algae, so the aquarist should encourage algal growth in their tank with the help of bright lighting. They will also take algae-based flake foods. A couple of times a week, they should receive some meaty foods like frozen or freeze-dried brine shrimp, bloodworms or krill.

How long do sailfin mollies live?

A freshwater fish, they can adapt to a variety of salt levels in an aquarium, up to and including pure saltwater. Marine Aquarists often use mollys to Cycle a new tank due to their salt tolerance and hardiness. Mollies will live for between 3 and 5 years and can grow to 5.

How many mollies should be kept together?

Keeping Molly Fish Together You should keep them in groups of at least four or more, they naturally stick together. The group should be made of mostly females since males are known to harass them.

Will mollies eat their babies?

It is because the mollies are very nippy and tend to become very aggressive eater. They will eat almost anything that fits in their mouth. The new born babies are very small just about the size of a pellet food which is why molly are seen eating their own babies after giving birth.

What are sailfin mollies?

Sailfin mollies were introduced in California and cause bad effects on their native endangered pupfish species. In different languages, sailfin molly is famous by different names like 1. Golden Sailfin Molly 2. Green Sailfin Molly

What kind of fish is a green molly fish?

Green Sailfin Molly It is the result of the interbreeding of three molly fishes. It is green in color with orange spots on the body. 3. Black Sailfin Molly As the name shows it is black in appearance. It is also called midnight molly. It is also a hybrid of two species. A beginner can also keep this fish. 4. Red Sunset Sailfin Molly

How big does a silver lyre tail Molly get?

Pictures: on top and in the middle is a 2″ male Silver Lyre Tail Molly and below is a 2″ female. This is a beautiful variety, very hardy, and energetic.

How to take care of a Molly Sailfish?

Sailfin Molly is a cute fish, doesn’t demand any special care. Caring for sailfish is easy in a way that you provide them with food that contains a large proportion of algae, also provides them with flakes of brine shrimp.