How many endings does cave story have?

How many endings does cave story have?

There are three main possible endings that can be achieved in the original release of Cave Story. Two endings have credit sequences, while one is primarily conveyed through message box text.

How do you beat the core in Cave Story?

During the phase where it fires the dark colored projectiles, the player should shoot at the exposed piece, which will cause its health meter to decrease when successfully hit. Most projectiles can be destroyed for pickups and deal 3 damage to Quote on contact.

How do you fight Ma Pignon?

Combat. Unless attached to the wall, Ma Pignon can be damaged at any point in the battle, though its front becomes armored while charging forward. The missiles and blade do no damage, but any other weapon may be used.

What is the max health in Cave Story?

If all of the Life Capsules are grabbed, the maximum amount of HP is 50 (55 if the Blood Stained Sanctuary is accessed).

What is Balrog from Cave Story?

Balrog (バルログ Barurogu) is an assistant to the Doctor whose job is to destroy soldiers. Cursed by the Demon Crown, he works with Misery to accomplish the Crown Holder’s goals.

How do you beat Curly in Cave Story?

Curly attacks by charging her Machine Gun and firing a barrage of shots at Quote, then repeating. She can shoot up as well as horizontally, so she can hit Quote if he tries to jump over her. The best strategy is to attack her until she finishes charging, dodge her attack, then repeat.

What does the whimsical star do?

These stars are unimpeded by walls, allowing the player to chip away at enemies behind blocks, and deal 1-5 damage to enemies they touch.

How do you save the curly brace in Cave Story?

When you destroy the fish boss during the waterway fleeing segment, Curly will automatically be dragged away from you. If you manage to do all this, Curly survives, and you can find her in the lower right area of the plantation, though she’ll have lost her memory.

Where is the nemesis in Cave Story?

To obtain the Nemesis, Quote must speak to The Littles in the Little House. They’ll request from him to find their lost husband, which can be found on the Cemetery. Upon returning the husband, the Blade can be traded for the Nemesis.

How do you get the life capsule in the egg corridor?

Life Capsule #3: Egg Corridor – Make sure to grab these Capsules in the Egg Corridor before defeating the Core later in the game. After teleporting into the Egg Corridor, you should see a Life Capsule in a chamber beneath the teleporter. Go left to enter the bottom path and move right to access the capsule.

Does the SOS in The Forest do anything?

The SOS Signal is a unique building that was added in update v1. 0 to The Forest….Roblox: DeepWoken – The Loop.

SOS Signal
Uses Decoration
Other Effects Calls a plane to fly over head about 30 seconds after placing
Stackable Yes

What is the best path to play a Cave Story?

Cave Story has two distinct paths through the game. The normal path is the regular path through the game and is recommended to newbies to the game or just casual players. The hard path leads to some secret areas and a secret ending, but it is extremely difficult and recommended only to people who have beaten the game once.

What happens at the end of Cave Story+?

End sections are named according to their Cave Story+ achievement. This ending involves Quote flying away from the island with Kazuma as the Doctor begins his attack on the surface . Kazuma asking Quote if he would like to escape with him.

What is the “good” and “bad” end of Cave Story+?

A player can meet the conditions for the “Good” ending but still execute the “Bad” and “Normal” endings by performing specific actions at pivotal moments in the game. End sections are named according to their Cave Story+ achievement. This ending involves Quote flying away from the island with Kazuma as the Doctor begins his attack on the surface .

How do I get into the last cave?

If you got the Booster v0.8 (meaning you didn’t get the better v2.0 Booster) or kept the Mimiga Mask, you’ll enter the standard Last Cave, which, although more challenging than any area you’ve been to thus far, is a walk in the park compared to the hidden version, which you will enter if you have the Booster v2.0.