How fast are ODST drop pods?

How fast are ODST drop pods?

I think we killed our ODST. Doing some more math, at that initial velocity and distance, the drop pod is still travelling at about 5,000 m/s, 18,000 kph, or 11,000 mph when it impacts the ground. For reference, here is what a projectile travelling at half that speed looks like on impact.

Are ODST drop pods realistic?

ODSTs are inserted via drop pods of one soldier per pod from low orbit. Once on the ground, their purpose is identical. The ODST of the HALO universe is, essentially, the paratroops of today. The only true difference is the manner of their insertion.

How heavy is an ODST drop pod?

The average pod weighs 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms).

Would drop pods work in real life?

Yes, but not practical. In the early days, the US looked at this as a rapid deployment solution, but it quickly falls apart when you look into the details.

How long is ODST training?

three weeks
TrainingEdit For three weeks, to get all personnel physically fit, ODST candidates may endure daily runs, push-ups, and numerous obstacle courses. These obstacle courses include training simulations with slush, artificial snow, and live-fire simulated battles.

Will mega construx make more destiny sets?

We currently don’t have any new Destiny sets in development. As of now, we will not be producing any more Destiny sets. Mega Construx.

Is Odst possible?

Contrary to other answers to this question, Marine and ODST Armour IS possible and could work in real life. The armour plating is generally accepted as being Titanium, and Composite armour plating.

How much does an ODST drop pod weigh?

What planet is ODST on?

The main cast of ODST. Taking place in the Kenyan port city of New Mombasa, ODST follows a squad of elite Marine Orbital Drop Shock Troopers during the Covenant invasion of Earth on October 20, 2552.