How do you catch pink salmon in the Fraser River?

How do you catch pink salmon in the Fraser River?

Fishing for Pink Salmon on the Fraser River and its Tributaries

  1. Finding the Fish. Because Pink Salmon are so plentiful, their presence is seen near the surface.
  2. Fly Fishing. Virtually any old 6 or 7wt.
  3. Spin Casting. Spin casting is another way of attracting Pink Salmon.

What’s the best setup for salmon fishing?

A standard setup for salmon often consists of a snap swivel at the end of the mainline, a leader from 12-48” to a single hook with egg loop, a corky on the line above the hook, and yarn on the hook (Photo 1).

How do I get more salmon?

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Salmon Fishing

  1. Prepare before you go out.
  2. Sharpen your hooks.
  3. Pick your bait wisely.
  4. Add flash!
  5. Use red line.
  6. Overcast for the win!
  7. If you are fishing on a river or current, use the drift fishing technique.
  8. If you are fishing out on the open water, fish with the tide flow, not against it.

What kind of lures do salmon like?

In a broad categorical sense, the best salmon lures for rivers are spinners, buoyant drift rigs, casting spoons, flies, and wide-wobbling diving plugs. Silver or chrome are especially popular hard-lure finishes, and many river salmon lures are enhanced with a bright color, particularly orange or red/pink.

What lures for pink salmon?

Anyway, first thing is, while Pink Salmon can be caught on any lure, pink colored lures really seem to be best. Stick to hot pink/ neon pink lures 2″ and smaller. Buzz Bombs, Rotators, and Lead head jigs with squid skirts/hoochies are all great. Those can be cast off the beach or vertical jigged from your boat.

Can you catch pink salmon on spinners?

Using spinners for salmon is a technique not many people use. However when done properly the take can be arm jerking. Pink salmon readily take spinners, especially when they are feeling aggressive or the water is colored up. Like any other salmon river fishing technique the key is getting your gear near the bottom.

What are salmon attracted to?

Individuals of certain salmon species are attracted to lights, like a moth to a lantern (USFWS 2015). Aquaculturists use specific light frequencies to strategically alter the timing of sexual maturation in farmed salmon (Leclercq et al.

What color lure is best for salmon?

Use a lure that has sight, sound and smell. Use any color, as long as it is green. The colors that show up in the deepest water are greens, blues and blacks. All glow lures glow green.

What do you need to fish the Tidal Fraser River?

You need a tidal sportfishing license and a salmon tag when fishing for salmon in the Tidal Fraser River. Be sure to check the daily quota of pink salmon, which may change based on the seasonal run size forecast. You must use a single barbless hook when fishing in the Tidal Fraser River.

When is the best time to fish the Fraser River?

Pink Salmon return to the Fraser River by the millions every odd numbered year from late August to very early October. This provides the most popular and productive Fraser River fishing experience!

Can you catch pink salmon in the Fraser River?

Catching Pink Salmon from shore on the Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada is relatively easy by sport fishing standards. All you need is the right tackle, the right location and of course the right timing.

When do salmon migrate up the Fraser River?

The first salmon to begin migrating up the Fraser River is the Chinook salmon. Chinook salmon are the largest of the 5 species of Pacific salmon that use the Fraser River, as it’s migratory highway. Chinook salmon began their migration as early as March continuing through until late November.