Does draya Michele have a son?

Does draya Michele have a son?

Kniko Howard
Jru Scandrick
Draya Michele/Sons

Who is Drayas sons father?

The 36-year-old is also mom to son Jru Scandrick, whom she welcomed with ex, former NFL player Orlando Scandrick, in 2016.

Does draya Michele have any children?

Draya Michele/Children

Did draya abandon her son?

Though the two have since parted ways, Draya’s still making headlines. She was recently arrested for neglecting her 7-year-old son. Police arrested Howard at the apartment Thursday night on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child. She remained free on $25,000 bail after arraignment before District Judge Ann L.

Who is Draya Michele first baby daddy?

Already mom to 13-year-old son Kniko, this is Michele’s first child with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick, who is also dad to twin daughters Taylor and Tatiana.

Who is Drayas mom?

Valeria Diaz
Draya Michele/Mothers

Did Gloria sleep with Shaq?

Laura Govan, sister to Gloria Govan of VH1 “Basketball Wives” fame, has finally broken her silence about her alleged affair with Shaquille O’Neal. If you remember, a few months ago news broke that Laura Govan and Shaquille O’Neal were having an affair after private e-mails between the two surfaced.

Who is Laura govans baby daddy?

Gilbert Arenas
Gave birth to her 4th child at age 31, a son named Aloni Kianno Arenas on June 1, 2011. Child’s father is her now ex-fiancé, Gilbert Arenas.

Who is Draya Michele son kniko Howard?

Kniko Howard is a show-biz personality. However, he has got the media search as the son of American media personality, Draya Michele. She is also a model, actress, as well as a fashion designer. Who is Kniko Howard Dad (Father)?

How old was Draya when she had kniko?

Later the same day, Draya came out with a lengthy explanation about her precious baby. Turns out, she was 17 when she was pregnant with Kniko, and worked “in the club” for seven years for the money to raise him. Stating the obvious, she wrote, “Now, judging by how under-developed and young I was, besides living in a very small city in PA…..

Who is kniko Howard’s son JRU Scandrick?

Scandrick is the second and youngest child of Michael and Orlando. He was born in 2016. Not only Orlando is a great player, but he is also a great father indeed as he loves his little son more than he loves himself. A picture of Kniko Howard step-brother, Jru Scandrick with his step-mother Draya Michael.

What happened to kniko’s father?

She then writes about his father, who also has the same name, Kniko Sr., and is now a barber. The father was incarcerated for 10 months when she was 7 months pregnant with him. And finally, she just wanted people to leave the kids out of the drama.