Did Anna Kournikova ever won a Grand Slam?

Did Anna Kournikova ever won a Grand Slam?

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What did Anna Kournikova win?

Winner (16): 2002 – Australian Open (w/Hingis), Shanghai (w/J.Lee); 2001 – Sydney (w/Schett), Moscow (w/Hingis); 2000 – Season-Ending Championships, Filderstadt, Zurich, Philadelphia (all w/Hingis), Gold Coast (w/Halard-Decugis), Hamburg (w/Zvereva); 1999 – Australian Open, Season-Ending Championships, Indian Wells.

When did Anna Kournikova turn pro?

October 1995
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Is Anna Kournikova still with Enrique Iglesias?

It’s been 20 years since they met on the set of his music video and singer Enrique Iglesias and former professional tennis player Anna Kournikova are still going strong. Anna played Enrique’s love interest in the sizzling video for his 2001 hit Escape and Enrique recently revealed their three kids have seen it.

How did Enrique Iglesias meet Anna Kournikova?

Iglesias and Kournikova, 40, first met when she starred in his 2001 music video for “Escape,” which features the duo making out and getting handsy on a bathroom sink and in a car. Sparks flew on set and the singer and former tennis pro began dating shortly after.

How long have Enrique and Anna been together?

No wedding for us: Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova on the secret to their 20-year relationship | You.

Is Anna Kournikova Russian?

Kournikova was born in Moscow, Russia on 7 June 1981.

How many Grand Slams did Anna Kournikova win?

What happened to Anna Kournikova at Wimbledon?

GLAMOROUS tennis ace Anna Kournikova brought Wimbledon to a standstill as she stepped on to Centre Court for the first time in 1997. But now the former sports star ace, ranked eighth in the world at the height of her career, has swapped the adoring crowds of SW19 for two new fans — her 18-month-old twins.

What is Karolina Kournikova’s pro doubles record?

Kournikova proved a successful doubles player on the professional circuit, winning 16 tournament doubles titles, including two Australian Opens and being a finalist in mixed doubles at the US Open and at Wimbledon, and reaching the No. 1 ranking in doubles in the WTA Tour rankings. Her pro career doubles record was 200–71.

When did Anna Kournikova become the world number 1 in doubles?

Partnering with Elena Likhovtseva, Kournikova also reached the final in Stanford. On 22 November 1999 she reached the world No. 1 ranking in doubles, and ended the season at this ranking. Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis were presented with the WTA Award for Doubles Team of the Year .

Did Anna Kournikova ever win a grand slam?

However, Kournikova won her first doubles Grand Slam title, partnering with Martina Hingis. The two defeated Lindsay Davenport and Natasha Zvereva in the final. At the Tier I Family Circle Cup, Kournikova reached her second WTA Tour final, but lost to Martina Hingis.