Why was Saga banned?

Why was Saga banned?

Saga by Brian K. Reason challenged: Sexual content, anti-family, nudity, offensive language, and unsuited for age group.

How many Saga volumes are there?

Vaughan and Staples have now produced 54 issues of Saga (collected into eight paperback volumes, with a ninth coming in September, or two omnibus editions) and won multiple Eisner Awards for their creative storytelling, but now they think it’s time for a hiatus — especially considering the game-changing, heartbreaking …

Is Saga graphic novel finished?

The series went on hiatus after reaching its midpoint at issue 54 in July 2018. In October 2021, Vaughn announced that the series would return with its 55th issue in January 2022. The series has been met with wide critical acclaim, and is one of the most celebrated comics being published in the United States.

What happened to Saga comic?

‘Saga’ Announces Comic Series Return Date Image Comics has announced that “Saga,” Brian K. Vaughan’s and Fiona Staples’ best-selling comic series, will return to shelves with a new issue on Jan. 26. The double-length “Saga” issue will be the 55th in the series and will include 44 pages of story.

How many books make a Saga?

Saga (9 book series) Kindle Edition.

Who is lying cat?

Lying Cat is The Will’s sidekick. She is a large feline, similar in appearance to a Sphynx cat with pale blue-green skin and yellow eyes. Lying cat was first introduced in issue #1 (volume 1) along with The Will.

Is Saga back from hiatus?

Saga — their heart-wrenching, twist-filled, sexy, violent, operatic space epic — will return to publication after a lengthy hiatus in 2022. “I’ve really missed connecting with readers through the pages of Saga,” Staples said via news release, “so I’m thrilled to roll up my sleeves and dive into this world again.

Why is Saga on hiatus?

When EW asked Vaughan and Staples at the time about their reasons for taking a hiatus, Staples cited “feelings of mild burnout” after six years of making the decade’s best comic on relentless monthly deadlines (Saga is almost unique in modern mainstream collaborative comics for never once featuring a guest artist).

Does saga mean 3?

A saga is one epic story, broken down into multiple movies. The most famous saga is the Lord of the Rings saga (and The Hobbit). It also applies to Tarantino’s Kill Bill series, broken into two.

What is the difference between a saga and a chronicle?

As nouns the difference between chronicle and saga is that chronicle is a written account of events and when they happened, ordered by time while saga is saga.

Is lying cat dead?

The Brand joins Gwendolyn and Sophie’s mission to find Formula 9766 in order to heal The Will in Volume Four, which is the first time The Brand has seen Lying Cat since the latter was a kitten. She is killed while defending Sophie from a male dragon.

What kind of cat is saga?

Lying Cat is The Will’s sidekick. She is a large feline, similar in appearance to a Sphynx cat with pale blue-green skin and yellow eyes….

Lying Cat
Species Feline
Status Alive
First appearance Saga #1