Why is Sitamarhi famous?

Why is Sitamarhi famous?

Sitamarhi, believed to be the birth place of Lord Rama’s consort Devi Sita, is one such place that has become a frequently visited pilgrimage destination. Located in the Sitamarhi District of Bihar in East India, the town is well-known for an array of temples and religious sites.

What is the area of Sitamarhi?

844 mi²

Why is Sitamarhi called Sitamarhi?

Sita was kept her in a small “Madai” (local name for “hut”). Sita+Madai during the period becomes Sitamarhi.It is said that Raja Janak excavated a tank at the place where Sita emerged and after her marriage set up the stone figures of Rama, Sita and Lakshman to mark the site.

What is the history of Sitamarhi?

Sitamarhi is a sacred place in Hindu mythology. It’s history goes back to Treta Yug. Sita, the wife of Lord Rama sprang to life out of an earthern pot, when Raja Janak was ploughing the field somewhere near Sitamarhi to impress upon Lord Indra for rain.

Was Sitamarhi part of Nepal?

It is situated in the northern part of Bihar. The district headquarters is located in Dumra, five kilometres (3 mi) south of Sita temple….Sitamarhi.

Sitamarhi (सीतामढ़ी)
Country India
State Bihar
Region Mithila
District Sitamarhi

What is the old name of Sitamarhi?

Sitmarhi was detached from Muzaffarpur and became a separate district as of 11 December 1972. It is situated in the northern part of Bihar. The district headquarters is located in Dumra, five kilometers south of Sitamarhi.

How many villages are there in Sitamarhi district?

In Sitamarhi District, There are 845 revenue village and 273 panchayats.

What is population of Sitamarhi?

Sitamarhi District Urban/Rural 2011

Description Rural Urban
Total Population 3,233,076 190,498
Male Population 1,701,685 101,567
Female Population 1,531,391 88,931
Sex Ratio 900 876

Who is the SDM of Sitamarhi?

Sunil Kumar Yadav
District Magistrate Sunil Kumar Yadav (I.A.S.)

How many blocks are there in Sitamarhi Bihar?

There are total 17 blocks in Sitamarhi.

# Block Name District Name
4 Belsand Sitamarhi
5 Bokhra Sitamarhi
6 Choraut Sitamarhi
7 Dumra Sitamarhi

Who is the DM of Sitamarhi district?

Shri Sunil kumar Yadav

Name Email
Shri Sunil kumar Yadav dm-sitamarhi[dot]bih[at]nic[dot]in

How many subdivision are there in Sitamarhi?

three Sub-divisions
Sitamarhi is a part of Tirhut Division. Presently Sitamarhi consists of three Sub-divisions and 17 Blocks.