Who is Kira Yamato father?

Who is Kira Yamato father?

Kira Yamato
Voiced by Japanese Sōichirō Hoshi Mikako Takahashi (child) English Matt Hill (Ocean dub) Max Mittelman (NYAV dub)
In-universe information
Relatives Caridad Yamato (adoptive mother/aunt) Haruma Yamato (adoptive father/uncle) Cagalli Yula Athha (twin sister)
Genetic type Coordinator

Are Cagalli and Kira Twins?

Cagalli was the twin sister of Kira Yamato and the daughter of Ulen and Via Hibiki.

Who shot Patrick Zala?

Ray Yuki
They both also die a gun-related death. However, Gihren gets shot once in the head by his sister Kycilia Zabi, whereas Patrick got shot multiple times in the torso by a disgruntled commander of his, Ray Yuki.

What is Mobile Suit Gundam SEED?

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (機動戦士ガンダム SEED) is a manga based on the TV series written by Masatsugu Iwase published by Kodansha from 2002 – 2004. In the world of the Cosmic Era, war rages between the genetically enhanced humans known as Coordinators and those who remain unmodified, the Naturals, who dominate the Earth Alliance.

Is Gundam SEED worth watching?

Ugly characterisations aside, the scenery in Gundam Seed is beautiful – from a verdant off Earth colony, to the mundane and clinical interior of a war-class ship, the artists have certainly spent much of their time watching decade’s old sci-fi for inspiration.

What are the best Gundam files to download?

GUNDAM EVOLVE MATERIAL.zip Gundam – Battle Files II.zip Gundam – Battle Files.zip Gundam – Mobile Suit Files II.zip Gundam – Mobile Suit Files.zip Gundam – MS Historica Vol.1.zip

When can I watch the Gundam series?

This is for the chronological timeline of the main Gundam Series known as Universal Century (U.C.). All the other Gundam Universes can be watched whenever you wish. If you want to you can always watch by air date. (this list is still under construction)