Who are the current cricket commentators?

Who are the current cricket commentators?

BT Sport studio line-up:

  • 1st Test – Brisbane: Matt Smith, Alastair Cook, Steve Harmison.
  • 2nd Test – Adelaide: Matt Smith, Alastair Cook, Heather Knight, Matt Prior.
  • 3rd Test – Melbourne: Matt Smith, Jonathan Trott, Steve Harmison, Moeen Ali.
  • 4th Test – Sydney: Matt Smith, Alastair Cook, Moeen Ali.

Who are the commentators on BBC cricket today?

Current TMS commentators include:

  • Jonathan Agnew (“Aggers”) (1991–)
  • Simon Mann (1996–)
  • Alison Mitchell (2007–)
  • Kevin Howells (2007–)
  • Charles Dagnall (“Daggers”) (2012–)
  • Daniel Norcross (2016–)
  • Isa Guha (2018–)
  • Henry Moeran (2019–)

Who is giving commentary in cricket?

Apart from two Indians-Sunil Gavaskar and Dinesh Karthik-the panel includes Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara, Nasser Hussain, Simon Doull, Isa Guha, Ian Bishop and Michael Atherton.

Who are the ABC cricket commentators?

The lead ABC cricket commentators are as follows:

  • Jim Maxwell – A highly experienced and highly regarded cricket commentator, Maxwell has covered Australian One-Day, Test, and World Cup matches.
  • Ian Chappell – Former captain of Australia.

Who is the best cricket commentator?

  1. Tony Greig- After forming a bond with the Nine Network’s late Kerry Packer during the World Series Cricket days, Greig was offered a “job for life” by Packer as a commentator during Nine’s cricket coverage.
  2. Ian Chappel-Ian Chappell does most of his commentary for Channel Nine in Australia.

Is the ashes on TMS?

BT Sport has the exclusive rights to the entire men’s Ashes series, as well as next year’s women’s tour.

What made the commentary of Bal J Pandit entertaining?

His well-studied commentaries were full of information about the history of the playground, career history of the players, anecdotes about the game, and established records of the game. His commentaries used to be entertaining because of these historical details.

Who is doing commentary in IPL 2021?

Aakash Chopra, Irfan Pathan, Gautam Gambhir, Parthiv Patel, Nikhil Chopra, Tanya Purohit, Kiran More, Jatin Sapru and Suren Sundaram.

Who is giving commentary in one word?

A commentator is a broadcaster who gives a commentary on an event.

Who is the best Indian commentator in cricket?

Best Cricket Commentators In India Of All Times | [Updated – 2020…

  • Harsha Bhogle.
  • Sunil Gavaskar.
  • Ravi Shastri.
  • Sourav Ganguly.
  • Anjum Chopra.
  • Ravi Chaturvedi.
  • Sanjay Manjrekar.

Who is the best commentator in cricket Quora?

Tony Grieg ( brings the game alive )

  • Harsha Bhogle ( The best in business)
  • Ian Bishop ( as Calm as it should be)
  • David Llyod ( Exciting to hear)
  • Ravi Shastri ( Magnificient Voice)
  • Sourav Ganguly ( the best replier)
  • Geoffrey Boycott/Nasser Hussain ( No nonsense )
  • Shane Warne ( The witty one)
  • How much do cricket commentators get paid?

    International Cricket Commentator’s Salary (2017-2018)

    Name Country Yearly Salary
    Sunil Gavaskar India $1 million
    Ian Botham United Kingdom £670,000
    Ian Bishop Trinidad and Tobago $900,000
    Shane Warne Australia $1 million