When did Violetta come out in the UK?

When did Violetta come out in the UK?

Disney Channel UK premiered it on May 2, 2014 on the official Disney Channel UK YouTube channel and ran until May 24, 2014, This is the only Violetta -related program which has been dubbed into English so far.

How did Germán raise Violetta after the accident?

After the accident, they both moved to Madrid and he raised her alone, with hardly any contact with other children of her age. Germán is aware that Violetta is a very talented musician and he encourages her to take piano lessons but keeps her away from singing. Everything changes when they return to their homeland in Buenos Aires.

Does Germán fall in love with Violetta?

Contrary to his plans, he begins falling in love with Violetta and she starts to fall in love with León, which irritates Tomás and Ludmila, who are just beginning to date. Germán is engaged to Jade (Florencia Benitez), an unintelligent woman who, though very ambitious, is callous and hates Violetta.

Does Violetta date Tomás in Studio 21?

Ludmila (Mercedes Lambre), the richest and most arrogant girl in Studio 21, also falls in love with Tomás, angering León (Jorge Blanco), her old boyfriend. Later, Ludmila and Tomás start dating. León got furious and, to teach Ludmila and Tomás a lesson, he decides to date Violetta.

What happens to Tomas and Violetta in Studio 21?

Violetta shows up at her birthday party in her mother’s dress. The next day, Violetta orders food, hoping that Tomas will deliver it. However, Herman sees him and scares him off. Tomas then goes to deliver food to Studio 21. Violetta seas Ludmila and Tomas together and gets upset.

Is there a Violetta En Vivo movie?

Shot during Violetta en vivo’s residency at the Gran Rex theatre in Buenos Aires. A film titled Violetta: La emoción del concierto (also known as Violetta en vivo and Violetta en concierto) was shown in cinemas and released on DVD internationally, showing the concert and backstage scenes from Milan.

What happened to Violetta and Tomas?

Everything between Violetta and Tomas is cleared up when Francesca, Camila, Maxi and Braco discover the full video. While working on a song for the entrance test to the Studio, Violetta and Tomas become even more closer.

Who is Martina Stoessel’s character in ‘virtualvioletta’?

Violetta tells the story of a musically talented teenager (played by Martina Stoessel) who returns to her native Argentina with her father, Germán (played by Diego Ramos ), after living in Europe for several years, navigating the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Is Violetta on Netflix or Disney+?

The show had its English language debut with the first two seasons being made available on Netflix U.S. starting July 10, 2015. When Disney+ launched in November 2019, the first season of Violetta appeared on the service for the first time in the U.S. since Netflix removed the show sometime in 2017-2018.

Is there a Violetta magazine?

From October 10, 2012, the official magazine of the series entitled Violetta was available in Italy. The monthly magazine was directed by Veronica Di Lisio and offered interviews, unpublished photographs of the series and even games, posters and rubrics for the female audience.