What vehicle was demolisher?

What vehicle was demolisher?

That means that Demolishor’s altmode was then a Bucyrus RH400 mining excavator. Bucyrus, in turn, was purchased by Caterpillar Inc.

Who is the giant Decepticon in Revenge of the Fallen?

Devastator is a Decepticon Constructicon combiner from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film series continuity family. King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on me! Whether he’s formed from six, seven, eight, or even nine Constructicons, Devastator is a giant among giants.

Who killed demolisher?

Optimus Prime and Ironhide approached, and Prime asked if the Constructicon had any last words. Demolisher stated that Earth was not for the Autobots to rule and that The Fallen would rise again. Optimus Prime then shot Demolishor in the head, killing him.

What is the name of the big Decepticon in Transformers 2?

Devastator, a massive Decepticon who is the combination of nine construction vehicles.

Who is Megatron’s boss?

The Fallen
Megatron’s boss, a sort of silver-plated Lucifer figure called The Fallen (Tony Todd), has aims on Sam’s brain, which has become imprinted with ancient runes leading to a doomsday device.

Are skipjack and rampage the same?

Studio Series “Constructicon Skipjack” is a yellow redeco of Rampage, replacing the red with yellow and darkening the grays, along with changing his eye color from orange to red. Skipjack can be combined with the other Studio Series Constructicons to form Devastator.

How big is Demolishor in the movie Transformers?

This looks awesome in the movie, but is hard to copy with the toy. He is the second largest Transformer in the film, Devastator in first. (Demolishor is 86 feet tall)

Who is Demolisher based on in Transformers Legends?

The artwork on the card is reused from the Transformers Legends mobile card game, and is based on the Aligned version of the character . In Legends, Demolisher repurposes the overall design of War for Cybertron Demolishor, who in turn was a homage to Armada Demolishor .

Is Demolishor a Demolisher?

The Armada Demolishor toy doubles as the Generation 1 character Demolisher. Part of the first wave of Armada “Super-Con Class” toy (basically “deluxes”), Demolishor transforms into an anti-aircraft missile tank of made-up model, though it appears to be heavily based on the ADATS weapon system.

Why is Demolishor’s vehicle mode different in the movie?

In the film, Demolishor’s vehicle mode features a lot more white. This toy’s colors are actually a match to Scavenger ‘s colors. Like several Revenge of the Fallen toys, such as Voyager class Starscream and Leader class Optimus Prime, Demolishor is yet another victim of late mold changes due to 2008-2009 economic problems.