What stations are included in London Thameslink?

What stations are included in London Thameslink?

London Thameslink stations include St Pancras International, Farringdon, City Thameslink, London Blackfriars, London Bridge and Elephant & Castle, all of which are served by First Capital Connect.

Who funded Thameslink?

The Government-sponsored £7bn Thameslink Programme is an ambitious 10-year programme of extensive infrastructure enhancements and the delivery of 115 new trains that will bring faster, more frequent, more reliable, better connected journeys for passengers – transforming north-south travel through London.

Is Thameslink run by TfL?

“Like other rail services which are included on the London Tube and Rail map, but not the Tube Map, the Thameslink services are not operated by TfL. In the 1990s the tube map included the central section of Thameslink north of Elephant & Castle and London Bridge (where tube fares apply).

Is Thameslink part of London Underground?

A rail line is returning to London’s Tube map 22 years after being removed. The network runs between Bedford and Brighton via central London, including stations such as Blackfriars, London Bridge, and St Pancras International. …

When was Thameslink built?

The origins of the Thameslink route date back to 1866 with the opening of the London, Chatham & Dover Railway’s (LC&DR) extension over the River Thames.

What was before Thameslink?

But what is the history behind the only north-south mainline railway to cross London? The origins of the Thameslink route date back to 1866 with the opening of the London, Chatham & Dover Railway’s (LC&DR) extension over the River Thames.

When did Thameslink Trains start?

Is ScotRail owned by the government?

The services will be provided within the public sector, by an arm’s length company owned and controlled by the Scottish Government. This is a result of the Scottish Government’s decision to run ScotRail services through what is known as the ‘Operator of Last Resort’.

How much did the Thameslink cost in 1997?

£6.5 billion. Proposed. 1997. The Thameslink Programme, originally Thameslink 2000, is a £6 billion project in south-east England to upgrade and expand the Thameslink rail network to provide new and longer trains between a wider range of stations to the north and to the south of London.

What are the new Thameslink train tracks used for?

The new, southern pair of tracks is used by trains to and from Charing Cross. Thameslink trains have a dedicated route to Blackfriars on the northern pair of tracks, which is key to providing the nominal peak-hour frequency of 24tph on the core route.

When will the Thameslink project be completed?

The project was originally proposed in 1991 following the successful introduction of the initial Thameslink service in 1988. After many delays, planning permission was granted in 2006 and funding was approved in October 2007. Work started in 2009 and, initially expected to be complete in December 2019, now has an uncertain date of completion.

Where are the 8-car tube stations on the Thameslink?

Those from Elephant & Castle southwards on the Thameslink suburban (Wimbledon/Sutton) loop, and on the Catford loop line towards Sevenoaks, will likewise remain 8-car stations.