What medications are used in a medical abortion?

What medications are used in a medical abortion?

The most common medication abortion regimen in the United States involves the use of two different medications: mifepristone and misoprostol.

Can I take misoprostol 6 hours after mifepristone?

Because misoprostol can be used as soon as 6 hours after mifepristone administration, women can now have a medical abortion in a single day with a high level of efficacy, safety, and acceptability.

What is the price of mifepristone in India?

According to data on drug price regulator National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority’s website, the ceiling on mifepristone 200mg is Rs304. 38, while that on misoprostol 200mcg is Rs15. 80.

How do I insert misoprostol tablet?

thumb), push all 4 of the Misoprostol tablets in to the vagina. The most ideal place is to push the tablets behind the cervix at the top of the vagina. As long as you push them as high in the vagina as you can, they will work. Some women will place all 4 tablets at once.

Can I take misoprostol first before mifepristone?

After taking mifepristone, your doctor should direct you to wait 24 to 48 hours before taking another medication (misoprostol) by mouth as a single dose. The medications may not work as well if you take misoprostol sooner than 24 hours after taking mifepristone or later than 48 hours after taking mifepristone.

Can I poop after taking misoprostol?

If you have taken the misoprostol vaginally please do not sit on the toilet for an hour after administering this medication.

What is the name of the abortion pill?

The first is mifepristone (also called the abortion pill, RU-486, or Mifeprex). About two days after this is taken, the second round of medication is given, called misoprostol. This causes the contractions, the fetus and placenta are expelled, and the abortion is completed.

How does a medication abortion work?

A medication abortion is a process that requires 2 pills, which you usually take over 2 days. The first pill contains a medication called mifepristone. This blocks the main pregnancy hormone and stops the pregnancy from growing. A specially certified provider must dispense mifepristone.

How long does it take for misoprostol to work for abortion?

This medication causes contractions, which helps the woman deliver the fetus. This process is typically complete within 24-48 hours after the second pills are ingested. The abortion pill reversal is not effective after misoprostol is taken.

What is the abortion pill reversal (Apr) procedure?

The abortion pill reversal (APR) procedure can only occur after the first dose of medical abortion (mifepristone/RU-486) is taken orally and is ineffective after the second set of pills (misoprostol). The abortion pill reversal process involves a large influx of progesterone into the pregnant woman’s system.