What is the longest league of legends queue time?

What is the longest league of legends queue time?

However, recently, a player has figured out that the longest in-queue time in LoL is PROBABLY 6476 minutes and 35 seconds. The story began when a player named “RagingRocket” looked for a Draft Normal game on the EUNE server on August 28.

Why is the league queue so long?

Riot Games revealed in today’s dev update that it plans on reducing autofill rates and queue times across all MMRs in League of Legends. Riot said in its dev update, though, that the current algorithm isn’t performing to the standard it wants due to position popularity, which fluctuates during the day.

Why is my flex queue so long?

It’s because you have three players. You can’t have parties of four in Flex, and Solos and Duos will just go play Solo/Duo queue. It’s just a crappy setup of the queue types. Personally, I wish they would just convert solo/duo to solo only, and flex queue times would immediately be fixed.

Is Smurf queue real?

Smurf queue does exist. It’s quite obvious when you make a new account and if you win consistently queue times become insanely high and then you’re put up with tons of other new accounts with high win rates thanks to your MMR putting you there.

What is lower priority queue lol?

The system places players who dodge and leave their games in a low priority queue. While in low priority queue, players will experience waiting times that are five, 10, or even 15 minutes longer than normal. Moreover, if a player leaves a game while in ranked mode, it will result in a League Points loss.

How many people are playing League of Legends right now?

Just how many players LOL has? League of Legends has a total of 150 million registered players. Over 117 Million players are actively playing monthly and 10 – 11 active players daily.

Why are queue times so long apex?

Many can’t play ranked on Australian Servers, the queue times are just to long. So they opt for servers in other regions. Some play on the US Server and deal with a bit of lag, how bad the lag is depends on the day. Even some of the US servers have had slow queue times lately.

Why is there no 4 Man Flex?

Four-man premades are disabled in Flex queue because a solo-player would have to fill the last position. The 4-man group would have peer-pressure and would be able to bully the solo player into picking a role they may not want.

Is there a losers queue in League of Legends?

In the last few years of LoL, players have been complaining of Losers’ Queue. While there isn’t any source that confirms its existence, many high-elo players are convinced that it is indeed a thing.

What is Smurfqueue?

Smurf queue was initially brought to life with the intent of solving Smurfing and so games in lower elos are fairer and free of smurfs. Their solution seemed simple, detect a smurf, place it in a smurf jail queue and force them to play with eachother.

How long is low priority?

While in low priority queue, players will experience waiting times that are five, 10, or even 15 minutes longer than normal. Generally, summoners will be placed in the low priority queue for five games and will have to wait for five minutes before finding a game.

How long is the estimated queue time in Las server?

Playing in LAS Server, exactly the same, where we used to have 2 min queue, there is a 7, 11, or 14 min estimated time queue. Platinum IV rank, but in normals and ARAMs it’s the same.

Are queue times back to normal?

Queue times are back to normal and the client also finds games within the estimated time frame. I hope this also works for you, if you have the same problem. Good luck on the summoners rift!

Is queue time throttling coming for Na and EU players?

Last night, NA players were told they’d be waiting at least 25 minutes for their games to start. Earlier today, senior gameplay designer Ed Altorfer informed EU West players that a similar fate was set to befall them: “as we head into the evening in Europe, we are seeing extremely large numbers of games and we have enabled queue time throttling.