What is happening to Debenhams in Bath?

What is happening to Debenhams in Bath?

The closure of all its stores was confirmed after Boohoo agreed to only buy its website and brand in a £55 million rescue deal. Gloucester’s Debenhams building in the city centre will still be in use as it has been bought by the University of Gloucestershire.

Who owns SouthGate Shopping Centre bath?

British Land
British Land Acquires 50% Stake in SouthGate, Bath for £101 million

Investor Relations
Sally Jones, British Land 020 7467 2942
Jackie Whitaker, British Land 020 7467 3449

When did SouthGate Bath open?

4 November 2009
SouthGate is a shopping centre in Bath, Somerset, England, It is home to over fifty shops, ten restaurants, 99 homes and an 860-space underground car park….SouthGate, Bath.

SouthGate Place, the central plaza
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Opening date 4 November 2009
Developer Multi Development UK
Management Guy Henderson

What new shops are coming to Bath?

Here are all the recent openings:

  • Chapter 22 Roots and Records. Records and plants aren’t usually something you’d expect to find sold side by side – but a new store is offering just that.
  • Bullfrog.
  • Bosco Pizzeria.
  • BrewDog Bath.
  • Candy World.
  • Coffee#1.
  • FoneWorld.
  • Holloways of Ludlow.

Is Bath Debenhams closing?

Debenhams has confirmed when its store in Bath will close for good. Now it has been confirmed the store on Southgate Place in Bath will shut by May 15, according to the Sun.

When was SouthGate Mall built?

September 1957
Southgate Shopping Center/Opened

When was SouthGate regenerated?

It’s harder to believe that a swathe of Bath city centre was rebuilt just over ten years ago, yet the SouthGate shopping centre as we know it now opened its doors in November 2009. The area was infamous as one of Bath’s biggest eyesores before reconstruction work began in 2007.

What time do shops close in Bath UK?

The majority of Bath’s shops are open seven days a week, all year round, and opening hours are typically 0900 till at least 1730 – some shops are open until much later.

Is Primark going into Debenhams?

PRIMARK has ruled out moving to the former Debenhams unit in Golden Square. Warrington’s ‘anchor’ department store closed on May 12 leaving a void to fill in the shopping centre.