What is Google Guava cache?

What is Google Guava cache?

The Guava Cache is an incremental cache, in the sense that when you request an object from the cache, it checks to see if it already has the corresponding value for the supplied key. If it doesn’t already have the value, it uses a CacheLoader to fetch the value and then it stores the value in the cache and returns it.

Is Google Guava cache thread safe?

Interface Cache Cache entries are manually added using get(Object, Callable) or put(Object, Object) , and are stored in the cache until either evicted or manually invalidated. Implementations of this interface are expected to be thread-safe, and can be safely accessed by multiple concurrent threads.

Is guava in memory cache?

Guava provides a very powerful memory based caching mechanism by an interface LoadingCache. Values are automatically loaded in the cache and it provides many utility methods useful for caching needs.

What is Google common cache?

cache Description. This package contains caching utilities. The core interface used to represent caches is Cache . In-memory caches can be configured and created using CacheBuilder , with cache entries being loaded by CacheLoader .

Where is guava cache stored?

1 Answer. Guava Caches store values in RAM. See https://github.com/google/guava/wiki/CachesExplained#applicability.

How does Google guava work?

Guava is an open source, Java-based library developed by Google. It facilitates best coding practices and helps reduce coding errors. It provides utility methods for collections, caching, primitives support, concurrency, common annotations, string processing, I/O, and validations.

Is Guava Cache Concurrent?

Cache concurrency level Guava provides an api to set the level of concurrency so that the cache supports concurrent writes and reads. Similar to ConcurrentHashMap, the concurrency of Guava cache is realized by separating locks.

Is Google loading Cache thread safe?

LoadingCache is thread safe. This class provides different methods to access data for the given key. Some methods of this class are get(K key), asMap(), getUnchecked(K key), refresh(K key).

Is Guava cache deprecated?

1 Answer. Spring project decided to endorse a switch to Caffeine cache. Caffeine supersedes the caching support in the Google Guava library with an actively maintained Java 8+ version in standalone form.

What is a loading cache?

Google offers a “loading cache”, which is described as following: A semi-persistent mapping from keys to values. Values are automatically loaded by the cache, and are stored in the cache until either evicted or manually invalidated.

Is guava still used?

Interestingly, since September 2017 (Guava 23.1) Guava has stopped breaking people’s projects by removing APIs. Therefore, you should be pretty safe nowadays.

What is Google guava maven?

Guava’s Maven group ID is com. google. guava , and its artifact ID is guava . Guava provides two different “flavors”: one for use on a (Java 8+) JRE and one for use on Android or by any library that wants to be compatible with Android. These flavors are specified in the Maven version field as either 31.0.