What is Boltaron material?

What is Boltaron material?

Boltaron 4335 is a proprietary, fire retardant, extruded PVC/Acrylic alloy offering extreme durability, chemical resistance, and a UL 94 V-0 rating while exhibiting exceptional physical properties.

What is Boltaron thermoplastic?

Boltaron Thermoplastic Sheet is a highly durable thermoplastic alloy that comes in sheets and panels. One of the more popular commercial applications include Kydex gun holsters, or Thermoplastic knife sheaths.

What is pressure vacuum forming?

Pressure forming is an enhancement to the vacuum forming process. With traditional vacuum forming, the parts are being formed by creating a vacuum on the mold side of the sheet. Air pressure up to 60 PSI is then added to the non-mold side of the sheet in addition to pulling the vacuum on the mold side.

What is straight vacuum forming?

Thermo or ‘Vacuum forming’ is one of the oldest and most common methods of processing plastic materials. The process involves heating a plastic sheet until soft and then draping it over a mould. A vacuum is applied sucking the sheet into the mould. The sheet is then ejected from the mould.

What is the difference between Kydex and Boltaron?

Boltaron is resistant to heat, weather changes, and environmental conditions. It’s also lighter than Kydex, which means you can wear it all day without feeling fatigued. It has an endless array of patterns and designs that allow for more personalization when it comes to style.

Is CYA a good holster?

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Holster! Not only does this holster conceal very well, I’ve also worn it several days now and it is extremely comfortable. I am very impressed and like the quality of materials it was made with and how I have the ability to adjust the retention on the gun.

What is the difference between kydex and Boltaron?

How is kydex made?

Genuine KYDEX-brand plastic holsters are not made by means of injection molding. In order to create a KYDEX holster, manufactures heat a sheet of plastic and mold it around a form at point point they cut off the excess material and polish the finished holster.

How does vacuum forming work?

The vacuum forming process works by heating a plastic sheet, forming it into a shaped vacuum forming tool using vacuum, cooling the plastic sheet until it sets hard & then removing the part from the tool. Read on for vacuum forming tool notes, design tips and a video of the process in action.

What is the difference between vacuum forming and pressure forming?

Like vacuum forming, plastic pressure forming can produce very large plastic parts. With pressure forming, however, part features such as complex shapes, tight tolerances, and integral vents are readily achievable. Plastic pressure forming also supports clean lines, tight corners, and other intricate details.

Is vacuum forming expensive?

A vacuum forming tool that makes several parts per sheet will be more expensive initially, but the forming costs per product will be much cheaper. Check if each former has quoted the same number of parts per sheet, or whether it’s worth increasing.

What is a Boltaron sheath?

Boltaron® sheet is commonly used to make press, drape and vacuum-formed holsters and sheaths. Hobbyists prefer Boltaron® because it offers high impact resistance even at cold temperatures, is easy to form, won’t brittle or curl, and is available in the widest range of colors and textures.

Why did Simona Boltaron add a new technical specialist?

The addition of a technical specialist is part of SIMONA Boltaron’s strategy to build a robust and experienced specialty fabrication, engineering and thermoforming support team. SIMONA Boltaron is excited to announce our new partnership with Luxion Inc. (makers of KeyShot) to bring Boltaron® thermoplastic sheet materials to KeyShot Cloud!

Why choose Simona Boltaron materials?

SIMONA Boltaron materials are specially formulated to meet the performance specifications required for use in aircraft interiors. Classified under the Boltaron 9000 Series and 4000 Series names, this broad range of available materials ensures that SIMONA Boltaron can recommend an exceptional material solution for your project.

Why choose Simona Boltaron 9815n?

SIMONA Boltaron’s new FAR 25.853 (a) and (d) compliant material Boltaron® 9815N was developed to meet the critical needs of airlines in the post COVID-19 world. Signifying our ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding increasingly stringent industry requirements for aerospace related products for the interiors market.

What’s new at simsimona Boltaron?

SIMONA Boltaron is excited to announce our new partnership with Luxion Inc. (makers of KeyShot) to bring Boltaron® thermoplastic sheet materials to KeyShot Cloud! TechCred helps team members earn technology-focused, industry-recognized credentials that prepare them for the changing workforce.