What is Audi tow bar preparation?

What is Audi tow bar preparation?

Towbar prep means the cars wiring harness has been prepared and plugs into the box of electrics supplied when you purchase the towbar and dedicated electrics.

What is tow bar coding?

Towbar Vehicle Coding When these are fitted some vehicles are required to be coded, this means that the vehicle understands that the vehicle will be towing and thus activate the necessary function on the car.

What does a tow bar ECU do?

Certain ECUs can detect the different voltages sent on a shared wire circuit (sometimes vehicle manufacturers will use a brake and tail light signal through one single wire especially with LED lights) and therefore can determine how the output signal is sent to the trailer.

Do I need to fit a bypass relay?

A bypass relay is necessary if you are fitting a universal wiring system in a modern car, as they work differently from older vehicles. To protect your vehicle’s electrical system from damage, we would always recommend having vehicle specific towbar electrics fitted by a professional.

What is towbar pre installation?

The pre installation is wiring only and will make it easier, and hopefully cheaper, when you have your installation done.

Can a mechanic fit a tow bar?

However, professional installation costs money, so fitting the towbar yourself will come in cheaper. Professional installers usually work out of a dedicated workshop, but many now offer mobile installation, which is a great option if you cannot make it down to a workshop to have the installation carried out.

How does a 7 way bypass relay work?

The 7-way bypass is a miniature bank of 7 of these electrically operated switches. When fitted it has a main 12 volt power supply into the 7-way unit, and 7 output wires leading to the towbar’s electric socket. Also into the relay are 7 “switching” wires which connect to the vehicle’s lighting circuits.