What are the contributions of Indian mathematicians?

What are the contributions of Indian mathematicians?

As well as giving us the concept of zero, Indian mathematicians made seminal contributions to the study of trigonometry, algebra, arithmetic and negative numbers among other areas. Perhaps most significantly, the decimal system that we still employ worldwide today was first seen in India.

What was the contribution of Ramanujan in mathematics?

Ramanujan compiled around 3,900 results consisting of equations and identities. One of his most treasured findings was his infinite series for pi. This series forms the basis of many algorithms we use today. He gave several fascinating formulas to calculate the digits of pi in many unconventional ways.

What is the contribution of aryabhatta in mathematics?

Contribution in the approximation of pi Aryabhatta is among the mathematicians who brought new deductions and theories in mathematics and astronomy. His contribution to the mathematics is unmatched and cannot be ignored, as he was the one who deduced the approximate value of pi, which he found it to be 3.14.

What is the contribution of aryabhatta in mathematics wiki?


Notable ideas Explanation of lunar eclipse and solar eclipse, rotation of Earth on its axis, reflection of light by moon, sinusoidal functions, solution of single variable quadratic equation, value of π correct to 4 decimal places, diameter of Earth, calculation of the length of sidereal year

Who is Michel Rolle and what did he do?

Michel Rolle. Michel Rolle (21 April 1652 – 8 November 1719) was a French mathematician. He is best known for Rolle’s theorem (1691).

What is the contribution of Rolle in Algebra?

Rolle was a skillful algebraist who broke with Cartesian techniques; and his opposition to infinitesimal methods, in the final analysis, was beneficial. J Itard, Biography in Dictionary of Scientific Biography ( New York 1970 – 1990) .

What is the significance of Rolle’s theorem?

Rolle was one of the most vocal early antagonists of calculus – ironically so, because Rolle’s theorem is essential for basic proofs in calculus. He strove intently to demonstrate that it gave erroneous results and was based on unsound reasoning.

What did Rolle study in college?

Rolle, the son of a shopkeeper, received only an elementary education. He married early and as a young man struggled to support his family on the meager wages of a transcriber for notaries and attorney. In spite of his financial problems and minimal education, Rolle studied algebra and Diophantine analysis (a branch of number theory) on his own.