Looking for Extra Income? Get a Selfie Booth!

Looking for Extra Income? Get a Selfie Booth!

Bringing Nostalgia Back

These days with so much going digital people are hungry for real connection and tangible memories. It may be convenient to have all your photos in the proverbial cloud, but nothing beats a photo gift that captures that special moment.

Photo booths have come a long way since the ’90s. Companies like Selfie Booth have brought the most amazing tech to this nostalgic way of making a memory. They are the only selfie booth company that has a convertible mirror booth, so you can make sure you look your best. Here are some other must features you will want to have if you are considering buying a photo both for sale or rent.


Selfie Booth and some others have exciting features in their selfie photo booths.

  • Green Screens –  A green screen or photo backdrop lets you switch out your background to something fun-Your customers can create a hilarious pic, simply by picking any image they choose for their backdrop.
  • Editing Features-we love to remember good times, but most of us don’t want our flaws a part of that. Offer your clients the gift of filters, to make them look their best each time!
  • Animation-Life isn’t static, why should your selfie be? Look for selfie booth’s that offer GIF animation, a fun, and unique feature to bring your selfie to life.
  • Mirror, Mirror- Selfie Booth offers a magic mirror, with a simple switch of the cover
  • Sharing is Caring – Printing images and social media shares are a BIG attraction when you buy a photo booth-make sure your booth is set up for these take-home options

Let’s Talk Money

Everyone wants extra income or to bring in serious revenue for little effort. Do your research before you jump at any photo booth for sale. All photo booths are not created equal, so check out reviews and research your photo booth provider.

In general, the best option is to finance or purchase a photo booth. Selfie Booths, which are designed by experts in the U.K., for example, offer an excellent financing structure with no payment for 90 days! They boast incredible revenue possibilities, a whopping 75,000 a year! This figure they base on an hourly rental rate.

How to Start

Look for a photo booth for sale that meets your specific requirements. Consider your financing options, transportation, marketing, and more. Selfie Booth has a light, easy, turnkey design with a built-in printer, free software, LED ring light and more.

Picking an all-in-one selfie booth will allow your purchase of a photo booth will allow your streamline your business. Also, ask others how they were able to get their photo booth business off the ground, from purchasing a photo booth for sale to creating a business. This business can be incredibly lucrative with time, patience and a lot of effort.

Here are some tips to get your photo booth business really off the ground.

Do know how to market yourself

Do look for ways to deliver the best experience at the best cost ratio

Do set yourself apart by staying away from cheesy gimmicks

Do know your niche and market accordingly

Don’t get into the selfie booth business if you have little to no money to put into your company

Do know your market and advertise accordingly

Choose Your Niche

This a really important first step in choosing how to market and target your photo booth business. For example, let’s say you live close to event centers and you want to market yourself as the selfie booth for tradeshows and other large events. If you see yourself more as a weekend business, choosing a niche like small events such as birthdays or religious events may be more up your alley.

To Wrap Up

Buying a photo booth can be an incredible way to bring in extra income or change your job forever! Awesome companies, like Selfie Booth, are making it easier than ever to start your very own selfie booth and begin to see the money flow in.