Is Michael really dead in Underworld?

Is Michael really dead in Underworld?

At the end of the fight, Viktor puts Michael in a chokehold and comes close to killing Michael, but Selene interferes to save Michael by using Viktor’s sword to slice his head in half, killing him.

Why was Michael not in underworld blood wars?

5. Scott Speedman’s character Michael is killed off in this story. This one kinda took us by surprise but it was Tobias Menzies who let it slip that Michael isn’t a part of the film because he was killed in the mythology.

Is Michael coming back to Underworld?

Why Scott Speedman Didn’t Appear In Underworld: Blood Wars Michael’s role in Underworld: Awakening left the door open for him to return as a main character, but the fifth movie Underworld: Blood Wars slammed that shut.

Who is the girl at the end of underworld blood wars?

Selene (Underworld)

Last appearance Underworld: Blood Wars
Created by Kevin Grevioux Len Wiseman Danny McBride
Based on Selene Gallio by Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema
Portrayed by Kate Beckinsale (Original) Lily Mo Sheen (Young) Laura Harris (voice)

Is Michael Corvin stronger than Marcus?


Who is the strongest vampire in Underworld?

Viktor was the most powerful vampire ever to have lived mostly because his manipulation, experience, and cunning far surpassed the other Elders. He is killed by Selene who cuts his head in half with his own sword.

Will there be a 6th Underworld movie?

Kate Beckinsale, the actress who portrays Selene in the Underworld film franchise, says that a sixth installment of the series is unlikely to happen. The film introduced audiences to the franchise’s protagonist, Selene, a vampire warrior known as a Death Dealer who has dedicated her life to killing Lycans (werewolves).

Is there a 6th underworld movie?

Kate Beckinsale, the actress who portrays Selene in the Underworld film franchise, says that a sixth installment of the series is unlikely to happen. The series started with 2003’s Underworld, directed by Len Wiseman.

What happened to Speedman from Underworld?

Speedman hasn’t addressed his Underworld exit in the years since he last appeared, and franchise overseer Len Wiseman has also not acknowledged the actor’s absence. Either way, the franchise gave Michael a rather blunt ending that somewhat undermines his status as one of the most powerful creatures within the world of the franchise.

Could Scott Speedman’s Michael Corvin return to the Underworld franchise?

Creative writing could bring Scott Speedman’s Michael Corvin back to the Underworld franchise in the future. Since the series deals with vampires, werewolves, and other aspects of the supernatural, there are endless possible ways to cheat death.

Who is Speedman in Felicity?

Underworld director Len Wiseman had seen Speedman on Felicity, but what sold him on Scott was his attitude toward the project. “Scott takes everything in this film seriously and wants it to be as real as possible,” commented Wiseman. As the young doctor Michael Corvin in 2003’s Underworld, Speedman’s hunted down by a clan of werewolves.

Will there be an underworld 6?

Kate Beckinsale might continue to doubt that Underworld 6 will happen, but Sony isn’t likely to easily throw away a franchise that made more than $500 million across five lower-budget movies. At this point, it’s even possible that another Lycan spinoff could be made that puts Scott Speedman in a starring role.