Is it legal to use a metal detector in the UK?

Is it legal to use a metal detector in the UK?

In England and Wales, you need permission from the landowner to go metal-detecting, unless the site is historically protected, in which case all metal-detecting is illegal. If you find treasure – gold or silver – you have to report it. Failure to do so is a crime.

Can children use metal detectors?

When choosing a metal detector that will be suitable for your kids to use, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind: it should have an adjustable pole, a lightweight design and easy-to-use controls. We recommend the Garrett ACE 200i, an entry level detector that is suitable for all ages.

Is Dr OTEK a good metal detector?

Bottom line is that I would fully recommend Dr. Otek’s MR-XR to anyone seeking a quality metal detector with the latest technology at a great price. You will not be disappointed! 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Product!

Can I keep treasure I find in the UK?

If you find an object that might be treasure trove, you must report it to the Treasure Trove Unit at the National Museums of Scotland or to a local museum or the local council archaeologist. the object should be kept for a museum. If this happens, the finder might be paid a reward, based on the value of the object.

Do inexpensive metal detectors work?

Many people who are beginners decide they want to start off with a low-budget, cheap metal detector and work up from there. Although they are referred to as cheap metal detectors, these detectors can offer great quality and performance. It all depends on what you plan on detecting.

What is the best entry level metal detector?

Fisher F22 is the best entry level, kids, coins metal detector. It has unique feature. A metal detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby.

What is the cheapest metal detector?

In my opinion Fisher F22 Metal Detector is the best and cheapest metal detector. The new F22 was released in 2015 and has several enhancements over the F2 including:

What is the best gold detector?

The pulse Induction metal detector is the best metal detector for finding gold in the WA Gold fields because; PI Detectors do not respond to the iron mineralization commonly found in the WA Goldfields e.g. magnetite . This is strongly evident in magnetite hotrock conditions which will cause the VLF to overload but not impact on a PI.

What metal detector is best for coins?

​Garrett AT Pro. ​A truly all-terrain metal detector, the Garrett AT Pro is our top pick because of its versatility, available features and because it’s the best coin detector for the money.