How to tie a ribbon around a box?

How to tie a ribbon around a box?

1) Choose the ribbon as per your choice, like sheer, silk, raffia, and laces. 2) Keep your gift box in the middle of your table and hang the ribbons from the left side 8 to 9 inches. 3) Hold your box in your hands to fold the ribbon around the box horizontally. So, the ribbon comes up under need there. 4) Now, keep your thumb on the ribbon around the box and pull the rest of the ribbon towards the top and around under the box and pull up 5) Now tuck in the middle of the box and hold strongly, then leave both sides of the ribbon to settle them. 6) It’s time to make the first loop with the left-hand side like a bunny ear. 7) After making the first loop around the ribbon on this loop and now making another loop by passing the ribbon through the hole of the first loop. 8) Now, hold small loops tightly to pull and give the perfect shape of bunny ears to make your box attractive. 9) In the end, cut all the extra ribbon to give the finest and outstanding look to your gift boxes. 10) If you want to add some cards, a spoon, a pencil, and any other thing in the knot of your gift boxes, then use it in step 5

How do you make a bow tie out of ribbon?

Hold the tube in place with your thumb and forefinger. This will make the center loop of your ribbon. Keep your thumb inside the tube, and your forefinger behind the overlapping ribbon. This method will make a looped bow, like the kind used on floral arrangements and wreaths.

How do you tie a ribbon?

1) Wrap a piece of ribbon around your hand. Hold the end against your palm with your thumb, and continue wrapping the ribbon until the entire piece has been wrapped. 2) Slip the ribbon loops off of your hand and fold them in half. Be careful not to let the loops come undone when you slip them off. 3) Cut the cinch. Hold the folded loop in one hand so that the center folded part is facing up. 4) Use a second ribbon to tie the cinch. Fit the second ribbon between the notches you cut in the middle of the loops and tie a knot there. 5) Fan out the loops. Separate the loops one by one from the inside to the outside. Pull the loops gently from the center and twist them toward you. 6) How do I tie a bow with a thin ribbon? The same way.

How to tie a gift wrapping bow?

Drape the ribbon horizontally across the top of the box.

  • Pull the rest of the ribbon under the box and back to the front. Don’t flip the box over,or you may lose your place.
  • Cross the ribbons across the front of the box.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the back of the box and back to the front.
  • Measure the ribbon against the first piece and cut it.