How much did a Martin D28 cost in 1973?

How much did a Martin D28 cost in 1973?

The D-28 price went from $495 up to $570 in 1973.

Are 70s Martins bad?

Martin guitars from the ’70s tend to have a lousy reputation, such that their values are probably as low as they’ll ever get. This does not mean that ’70s Martins are to be avoided. They can be some of the best sounding guitars out there and can be bought for reasonable prices.

Is a Martin D28 hard to play?

Martin D28 The Martin tone is darker, and the action is higher, and the volume is not as loud, Making it hard to play if you don’t have a lot of guitar experience. I don’t recommend this for the begginer, but I’m sure that this guitar would be a great addition for the seasoned player.

Why is the Martin D28 so popular?

Introduced by Martin in 1931, the D-28 is prized for its booming projection and high quality tone. The first batch went wholly to the Chicago Musical Instrument Company, although this “exclusive” deal didn’t last for long.

What kind of guitar is a 1978 Martin D-28?

Up for sale, a 1978 Martin D-28 dreadnought acoustic guitar in exceptional condition, complete with the original hardshell case. This crack-free Martin has been extremely well-kept over the last 40+ years and features solid East Indian rosewood back and sides paired with a solid Sitka spruce top that has cured to perfection.

How much does a 1970s Martin D28 cost?

When looking for 1970’s Martins, you will mostly encounter dreadnoughts on the used market. D-18’s are great mahogany guitars and usually the least expensive, ranging anywhere from $1200 or less for a project, to $2000 for something really nice and needing very little. D-28’s are more the flagship model for Martin, and they can be more expensive.

How many Martin Martin guitars were made in 1971?

Martin went from producing 7,403 guitars in 1965 to producing 22,636 in 1971; in a mere six years, their production numbers more than tripled. A large number of the 163,887 guitars produced from 1970-79 were fantastic instruments that were built without flaws.

Is a 1970 Martin D-35 a good guitar?

If you gotta have old wood, 70s is not a bad way to go. I bought a 1970 D-35 about 12 years ago knowing their tainted reputation. So I was suprised at the wonderful tone and performane of this instrument. I know there are better Martins out there. But this guitar is about as good as it gets.