How long does Medtronic Guardian transmitter last?

How long does Medtronic Guardian transmitter last?

six days
A fully charged Guardian Connect transmitter will last at least six days without recharging. You should also charge your transmitter until the green light displays (could take up to two hours).

How long does Medtronic sensor take to warm up?

Make sure your pump is on the Home screen so that the “Sensor connected. Start new sensor.” message will be displayed when the sensor is ready to be started. This typically takes less than a minute, but may take up to 10 minutes.

How do you calibrate a Medtronic sensor?

Using the Home Screen graph, highlight the sensor graph, press and hold select. Enter BG and select Calibrate. Once you have entered a calibration BG, the Home screen will show you that the system is calibrating. You will start seeing sensor glucose readings again in about 10-15 minutes.

How often do you calibrate Medtronic sensor?

And the minimum number of calibrations required is once every 12 hours (after the first day), but calibrating three to four times a day can optimize sensor accuracy. When calibrating your sensors, remember to: Wash your hands before taking a fingerstick test.

How do you know when your Medtronic sensor is charged?

For the rest of the charging time, the charger’s green light will continue to flash in a pattern of 4 flashes with a pause between the 4 flashes. When charging is complete, the green light on the charger will stay on, without flashing, for 15-20 seconds and then turn off.

How do I set up my guardian connect sensor?

Check your site regularly and apply additional off-the-shelf tape if sensor and transmitter are not secure. After inserting and taping your sensor, return to your Guardian Connect app on your mobile device to complete the sensor start up. Tap Start New Sensor. The “Looking for sensor…” message will appear.

What is the SOF-sensor glucose sensor used for?

The Sof-sensor glucose sensor is intended for use with Medtronic MiniMed ™ glucose sensing systems to continuously monitor glucose levels in persons with diabetes. Failure to follow instructions may result in pain or injury.

How do I insert my sensor?

Gather all of your supplies to insert your sensor. After you have them, you will choose a site to insert your sensor. Choose a site that has enough fat on your abdomen or back of your upper arms. Be sure to insert your sensor at least: 2 inches (5 centimeters) from your navel

How do I add a second sensor to my pump?

After the transmitter turns off, your pump will display a LOST SENSOR alert. 1. Go to the LINK SENSOR MENU screen. 2. Main > Sensor > Link to Sensor > New Sensor 3. Select New Sensor. Press ACT. 4. Press ACT again. The SENSOR READY 2 HRS screen appears. 5. Press any button to continue.