How do you make 360 waves?

How do you make 360 waves?

Prepare Your Hair

  1. Address Any Issues With Your Scalp. A healthy scalp is a prerequisite to getting 360 waves, which is why you need to make sure your hair and scalp are in optimal condition.
  2. Get A Haircut.
  3. Be Ready To Commit.
  4. Use A Wave Shampoo.
  5. Brush Your Hair.
  6. Moisturize.
  7. Put On A Durag.
  8. Keep Brushing.

How do you do the 360 waves washing method?

Here’s how to do it: Apply a dime size amount to damp hair and begin shampooing. Smooth it in the direction of your wave pattern with your fingers until your hair is completely lathered. Then begin brushing or combing in the direction of your wave pattern while making sure your hair is kept damp during this process.

How do 360 waves work?

The heat from the blow dryer and the tension from the hard side of the wave brush cause the spiral hair to flatten out into an S shape. The continuous reoccurring S shape is what gives the hair the wave pattern.

What is wolfing your hair?

Wolfing is abstaining from a haircut for an extended period of time. You need to understand that wolfing is the technique that will make your waves better than nearly every other guy you know with waves. Wolfing is not cutting your hair at all, no matter how much you may want to .

Are 360 waves bad for your hair?

Absolutely not. No type of wave pattern causes hair loss. In essence, you are just laying your hair as flat as possible making patterns from the constant combing and brushing so this is not going to cause hair loss. Hair sheds everyday whether you have waves or not.

How often should you wash waves?

Yes, you need to wash your waves. But you want to make sure that you’re not washing your hair too often because shampoos wash out the essentials oils your body creates. We recommend cutting down your washing cycle down to once a week.

Does coconut oil work for waves?

Oliology oil is rich in nutrients and should create a good lift as well as give you excellent beach waves. All in all, coconut oil is known to be best for waves.

What do Durags do?

What is a durag used for? A durag is used to maintain a hairstyle such as 360 waves or braids. They’re also a great way to keep hair out of your eyes and stop sweat while you’re working out or stop sun damage.

How long should I brush my hair for waves?

five to thirty minutes
How Long Should I Brush My Hair to Get 360 Waves? You should be brushing at least twice a day, from the crown and out in the direction that your hair grows. The length of time depends on what you have available in your daily schedule. A brush session can be anywhere from five to thirty minutes depending on the waver.

How do I get 360 Waves?

1 Brush your hair at least five times on each side at least three times a day. Brushing is what will tease your hair into place 2 Don’t wash but rinse your hair while you’re developing your 360 waves. Rinse with warm water to help make your hair more pliable. 3 You can also dampen a clean towel and microwave it for a few seconds.

What is the 360waveprocess day method?

The 360waveprocess day method is like the most important of all the 360 wave process. I say this because I created this method to help guys understand just how much brushing it takes to get 360 waves. This method focuses on the brushing time that is required for guys who will have the most trouble getting waves.

What is the 2nd tip/360 wave method?

TIP 2: The second tip/360 Wave method deals with compression and Du-rags/WaveCaps. If you are trying to get faster 360 wave results you should be aware of how beneficial compression is. Compression is basically describing you will keep your hair under control while you are trying to train it.

How to make 360 Waves with a Du-Rag?

For the wolfing technique, you need to grow out your hair before cutting it. Stop combing and styling your hair and allow it to become matted together. Keep the matted hair underneath a du-rag for a few weeks before you shave your hair to make 360 waves.