How do you check friendship level in soul silver?

How do you check friendship level in soul silver?

In HeartGold and SoulSilver you will need to head to Goldenrod City to check on the happiness of your Pokemon. There is a girl in the house above the Goldenrod Department store who will tell you how your Pokemon feels about you.

How do you get max friendship in Pokemon Soul Silver?

The major thing with raising happiness levels is to send it out in battle all the time and to level it up. Even if you switch it out and it doesn’t fight still let it participate to earn experience points. Do not let it faint, this dramatically reduces happiness. Feeding it bitter food also reduces happiness.

How do you check your Pokemon’s friendship?

If you want to check the Friendship level of a specific Pokémon, then travel to Hammerlocke. Once you’re there head to the building to the right of the Pokémon Centre. You’ll find the Friendship Checker in this house.

How do you make Eevee happy in soul silver?

Checklist: – Grab the Soothe Bell in National Park . Equip it on Eevee and it’ll double the happiness points it gets from every possible source. – Visit the Haircut brothers every day . They’ll boost your Eevee’s happiness a little bit at a time.

How high does friendship need to be to evolve?

220 or higher
Pokémon that require high Friendship to evolve need to have a value of 220 or higher before they’ll evolve. NPCs in the games will measure your Friendship with your Pokémon, giving you ribbons when you hit the maximum value in the range.

Can Fake pokemon games trade with real ones?

It’s a fake. It plays, saves, looks completely identical like the real one, but you cannot trade pokemon from this game to ANY other pokemon game.

How do you trade with friends in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Go to the Pokemon Center. Go upstairs (not downstairs) and talk to the lady in the middle. She will bring you to a union room. There you can trade and battle.

How do you trade Pokemon from Soulsilver to WiFi?

Go to a Pokémon Center and go upstairs. Talk to the person in the middle, then say Yes when asked if you want to enter the room. Say Yes again to start DS Wireless Communication. Then say Yes to save the game, and say Yes when asked if it is OK to overwrite the previous save.

What’s the difference between Pokemon silver and soul silver?

In Silver, picking a Pokemon consists of a bit of text and an image of that starter, while in SoulSilver, the experience has been enhanced with 3D models of Poke Balls (spheres that Pokemon are stored in) and displayed on the touchscreen.

What Pokemon are exclusive to soul silver?


  • Ninetales
  • Meowth
  • Persian
  • Ledyba
  • Ledian
  • Teddiursa
  • Ursaring
  • Delibird
  • Skarmory
  • What are all the Legendary Pokemon in soul silver?

    Articuno is one of the legendary birds of Kanto. Unlike in Gold & Silver, Articuno is obtainable in the wild in Pok mon Heart Gold & Soul Silver after you earn all 16 badges. Following on from its location in Fire Red & Leaf Green, Articuno can now be found deep within the Seafoam Islands.

    What Legendary Pokemon can you get in soul silver?

    Mewtwo Mewtwo is the most powerful legendary Pokemon available in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, and you’ll be able to take him on after collecting all 16 badges. You’ll find him in the Cerulean Cave, accessed by surfing from the north of Cerulean City downstream to the cave entrance.