How do I run an iMacros?

How do I run an iMacros?

To start the iMacros Browser, select the program from the Start Menu, double-click the icon on your desktop, or run the program “imacros.exe”. To become familiar with iMacros run the “FillForm” demo macro that is automatically installed. This demonstrates the basic features of iMacros in a straightforward way.

What is iMacros scripting?

Fig: The iMacros Enterprise Edition includes a powerful web scripting component (API) that has been refined over many years. Almost all Windows programming languages support this technology, including the free Windows Scripting Host, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic . NET, C#, Java, Perl, Python, C++, ASP, PHP, ASP.NET.

How do you use an Imacro loop?

Contains the current loop number when playing a macro in loop/repeat mode. This value is set automatically by iMacros each time the macro repeats as a result of using the Play Loop button (iMacros for Firefox and Chrome) or setting the Repeat value in the sidebar (iMacros browser and iMacros for IE).

How do I use iMacros on Google Chrome?

In the Chrome menu, go to More tools – Extensions and find iMacros in the list of extensions. Click the Details button. Make sure “Allow access to file URLs” is checked.

How do I create a macro on a Chromebook?

Create a macro

  1. On your computer, open a spreadsheet at
  2. At the top, click Extensions Macros. Record macro.
  3. At the bottom, choose which type of cell reference you want your macro to use:
  4. Complete the task you want to record.
  5. Name the macro, create a custom shortcut, and click Save.

How do I use iMacros in Chrome?

How do I repeat an Imacro?

2 Answers. And in iMacros panel enter how many loops you want. Then press Play(Loop) .

Why convert iMacros to JavaScript?

This saves time and nerves. iMacros is written in its own programming language with the file extension “.iim” or “.iimx” and is not that conventional. This converter transform’s the iMacros programming language to usable JavaScript. © 2020 Advena – Lars Ljungdahl ALBERT.

How do I test iMacros with JavaScript?

Refresh iMacros by clicking the iMacro button on and off. The javascript file should show up in the left pane. Run the file to test. You should notice the icon to the left of the file name is different for the javascript files and the extension is “.js” instead of “.iim”.

How do I run iMacros from my browser?

You can now run macros with up to 50 actions directly from your browser. To Launch iMacros, simply click the icon in the browser bar. Learn how to Launch iMacros, to create your first macro and get the most out of iMacros with YouTube video tutorials.

What is iMacros web automation?

With over 10+ million downloads, iMacros is the world’s most popular web automation, data extraction, and web testing solution. Why not use iMacros to take charge of your web automation needs today?