How do I know if my FishFinder transducer is bad?

How do I know if my FishFinder transducer is bad?

Here are the most common types of incorrect display readings that are caused by transducer errors:

  1. Display shows surface reading, but no bottom reading.
  2. Display shows wrong depth reading.
  3. Display shows erratic readings (especially when the boat speeds up)

Will a Lowrance transducer work out of water?

No, you can’t use a fish finder out of water, because the transducer is unable to send or receive sonar signals in air. In other words, the transducer will not work outside of water, and needs to be properly submerged into water in order to function.

Does it hurt transducer to run out of water?

It is not recommended to run a FishFinder and transducer on a boat that is not in the water as you will not get any readings from the transducer. Without the water, the transducer could burn out and have issues if left running for an extended period of time out of the water.

Why is my transducer not working?

There are many things that can cause a transducer to provide unstable readings examples include shock overload, lightning or electrical surges, mis-handling, water ingress, corrosion, broken cable, short circuit.

Does the transducer have to be below the boat?

The transducer should be even with the bottom of the boat or slightly below the bottom. Leading edge (the edge closest to the transom of the boat). One click too high: the transducer is tilted out of the water and cannot maintain a sonar signal.

How low should I mount my transducer?

Particularly the ability to move the transducer lower into the water. You want to have the leading edge of the transducer no more than 1/8” below the transom as a starting point.

What are the Lowrance X-75 and X-85?

The X-75 and X-85 are the latest members of the Lowrance family that combines a high performance sonar with a wide, high definition screen. Using menu features and “soft-key” operation, these units are also easy to use. The wide screen shows the underwater world with high resolution and detail.

What is the correct transducer angle for this tool?

These are for the coarse angle adjustment. A standard transom angle is 14 degrees. By aligning a letter on the ratchet to the alignment mark on the the transducer bracket, the correct transducer angle can be attained.

Can I use the 8° transducer on an inboard powered boat?

The 8° transducer is designed for transom mount only. It can be installed on any outboard or stern-drive powered boat. Do not use this transducers on an inboard powered boat.

How do you install a transducer on a sonar?

Place the transducer into the epoxy, twisting and turning it to force any air bubbles out from under the transducer face. The face of the transducer should be parallel with the hull, with a minimum amount of epoxy between the hull and transducer. After the epoxy dries, route the cable to the sonar unit.