How do I find Transmog items?

How do I find Transmog items?

On each transmog set page, if you click on the blue “Show Sources” button next to Quick Facts, you can see a filtered list of all the items in the set and where they are from. If you click on the “Related” tab at the bottom of a transmog set page, you can see what other sets have that same appearance.

Where can I buy Transmog sets WoW?

WoW Transmog sets are available at

What are Transmog sets?

A transmogrification set or transmog set, more broadly categorized as a vanity set, is a group of items of the same armor type designed with the same visual style and spanning at least two armor slots.

How do you Transmog in WoW?

How Do I Transmog my Gear?

  1. Since the Legion pre-expansion patch, you can access the new transmog system.
  2. Go to a transmog NPC in major cities and click on them to open up the transmog window.
  3. The transmog window is similar to the existing window with a paperdoll and slots you click on to apply transmog.

Why are some items not Transmog?

The very first thing that players need to know about Transmog is that it can actually only be done with items and gear of a certain quality. If the item in question is too low quality, it cannot go through the process which means that players won’t be able to use the Transmog feature on it.

Where can I buy Transmog gear in Dalaran?

the enchanting shop
Unlike capitol cities in Azeroth, Pandaria, and Draenor, Dalaran doesn’t have a specific place where the Ethereals have set up shop to offer transmog, void storage, and item upgrades. Instead, the transmogrifier is hidden away in a corner of the enchanting shop.

When did Transmog come out wow?

When transmog was introduced to World of Warcraft back in Cataclysm’s patch 4.3, we were told that they were going to take it slow and cautiously and keep things restricted to start with. I think most players understood that idea — after all, it was a brand new feature being introduced to a long running game.

Does AC Valhalla have Transmog?

Ubisoft finally gave players the ability to transmog their armor in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s latest patch. Valhalla’s transmog feature lets players change the look of a piece of armor without changing its stats, but it can only be done at Gunnar’s blacksmith, and costs 50 silver.

When were Transmogs added wow?

When transmog was introduced to World of Warcraft back in Cataclysm’s patch 4.3, we were told that they were going to take it slow and cautiously and keep things restricted to start with.

How do cosmetics work in wow?

A cosmetic item refers to items, usually associated with armor, in which can either be worn in the appropriate equipment slot or used to transmogrify other items of the same type. Cosmetic items ignore the armor types such as cloth, leather, mail and plate.

How do I get high warlord Transmog?

Important: You must have attained PVP rank 9 by the old PVP system in vanilla (and therefore have the Feat of Strength achievement Legionnaire/Knight-Captain or higher) in order to purchase this gear. There is currently no other way to obtain the transmogrifiable version of this set.

What is Transmogrification in WoW Classic?

Transmogrification (commonly referred to as transmog, tmog, xmog or simply mog) provides the ability to replace the appearance of your armor and weapons with those of other items, or to hide certain pieces of armor. When a player earns or equips an item suitable for their class, the appearance of the item is added to their Appearances collection.

What is Wowhead’s Transmog set database?

Our transmog set database is one of the most popular parts of Wowhead. This page highlights all of Wowhead’s transmog resources, including image search results for weapons and transmog guides for matching armor sets. Wowhead’s Transmog Set Database groups together all items in the game by their looks.

What items can you transmogrify in Wow?

Only uncommon (green), rare (blue) or epic (purple) items may be transmogrified. (exceptions: a select few of these items will be prevented from being used to transmogrify if they are inappropriate) Guns, Crossbows, and Bows can be used to transmogrify Guns, Crossbows, or Bows.

Is there a way to transmogrify armor for free?

Hiding armor is also free. Transmogrification has a number of restrictions, and not all items or pairings can be transmogged. Most importantly, the character must be able to equip both items, armor must be of the same armor type, and weapons must use the same attack style. To transmogrify gear, visit a transmogrifier NPC: